10 Photos That Will Make You Fall in Love With the Douro Valley | #CroisiEuropePhotoTour #FranceIsInTheAir

Posted by Christina Guan on 06/27/2015


At this point on my cruise along the Douro, I am practically living on the sun deck.

Why? Well everyone, it appears that your Photo Reporter here has developed an unhealthy obsession with the beauty of the Douro Valley. Every second of free time I have is spent perched up high on the deck, staring starry-eyed at the endless sights that glide past us. Even during excursions, my nose is perpetually pressed up against the glass of the bus window, waiting to catch a glimpse of the valley's spectacular scenery. With perfectly lined vineyards, clusters of olive trees and rocky terrain colliding in picturesque harmony, the Douro Valley is by far the most gorgeous place I’ve gotten to cruise through so far.

Today, our excursions took us out to explore this valley – with a few photo stops, a visit to the cute town of Sao Joao da Pesqueira and of course, a vineyard tour and tasting.

Now, I could spend forever attempting to describe the unreal beauty of this region, but I think it might be better to just dazzle you through photos instead. Here are some snaps that are guaranteed to make you fall in love with the Douro Valley:












Dreamy sighs all around, right?

I wish you pleasant Douro daydreams!

- Christina

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