Is your ship air conditioned and/or heated?

Our cabins have individual controls for AC and heat, so you can adjust your room to meet your needs.  Our enclosed public spaces such as the dining room are air conditioned or heated as the weather requires.  You can always enjoy the weather outdoors, as well, on any of our decks!  

How big are the beds?

Our cabins offer two twin beds or one double bed, depending upon the boat you sail on and the cabin you reserve.  You can find the cabin descriptions, including bed types, under each ship listed on our website. To see the cabin and bed arrangements, first find the ship you’ll be cruising on, and the click on the cabin decks (upper, middle or main). 

What size are the cabins?

Room size depends on the boat and the type of room.  All rooms have the equivalent of double beds and an armoire and chest of drawers, desk, chair, lighting, night stands and private bathroom with shower. Check the ‘ships’ area of our website for the plan of your boat and cabins.

All our cabins are located above water level.  Fixed or sliding windows in each cabin offer a panoramic view of the scenery.

How many people are assigned to a cabin?

Our cabins can accommodate two people.  Some cabins can accommodate up to three people, depending on the boat.  If you are travelling alone you will be required to pay the single supplement.  Ask an agent for more details about your needs when reserving.

What items are included in my cabin?

Each cabin is equipped with satellite television (remote controls are at the reception desk), a radio, a hairdryer and a safe for your valuables.  For your personal comfort, all cabins are equipped with a shower, toilet and sink, and provided with towels, but not washcloths.  Remember to bring your own personal washcloth, soaps, shampoo and other toiletries with you during your travels.

Where can I relax on board other than inside my own cabin?

Our lounge, bar, and library are all comfortable and tastefully decorated, and are good places to spend time socializing indoors with friends or family, or quietly on your own.  The lounge is panoramic and is located at the front of the ship (on the upper deck for 2-deck ships and on the middle deck on 3-deck ships).

The sun deck is a great place to relax outdoors and enjoy the weather.  It offers recliners and deck chairs for your comfort.

Does the ship offer laundry facilities?

No, we do not have laundry facilities on board. 

Do you offer entertainment on board?

We offer various pre-dinner games, dinner-dances and other lively evenings in our lounge, which is advantageously placed at the bow of the ship with a panoramic view.  Events will vary from cruise to cruise; we are happy to give you more information about the entertainment offered on any particular cruise you are interested in.

Your private cabin will also provide satellite TV and radio. Wifi connections are available on some ships for a fee.  Feel free to contact an agent for more information about the Wifi services on your boat.