From Homer's Mediterranean to La Dolce Vita in Naples





You'll be welcome to board our ship starting at 4 p.m. After comfortably settling into your cabins, we’ll introduce our crew at a welcome cocktail. Tonight, we’ll enjoy dinner and an evening of entertainment on board as we begin to cruise to Kotor. Our ship will cruise through the night.

DAY 2: KOTOR (Montenegro)

Upon our arrival in Kotor, we’ll set out to tour the city. The Old City is a well-preserved example of typical architecture from between the 12th and 14th centuries. Located along one of world’s most beautiful bays, Kotor is a city with many stories to tell.
We’ll return on board and continue our cruise through the Bay of Kotor, where the surrounding mountains get steeper and steeper and the beauty meter gets close to bursting. From every point of view on the ship, there’s no escaping the romance of this breathtaking bay. Enjoy the onboard activities during this time, followed by an evening of dancing. Our ship will cruise through the night.

DAY 3: VLORE (Albania)

After we arrive in Vlore, we’ll leave on a full-day excursion to the ruins in Apollonia and the quaint village of Berat. Berat is one of the highlights when visiting Albania, whose most striking feature is the white houses climbing up the hill to its castle. The center of Berat is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and contains rare examples of Ottoman-style architecture. The old quarter contains lovely ensembles of whitewashed walls, tiled roofs and cobblestone roads. Although Berat is now a major tourist site, it has managed to retain its easy-going charm and friendly atmosphere. Don't miss it! We’ll enjoy lunch during our excursion and then continue on to the largest archeological site in Albania: Apollonia. Apollonia was founded in 588 B.C. by Greek colonists from Corfu and Corinth. The city flourished during Roman rule and was home to a renowned school of philosophy. Julius Caesar rewarded Apollonia with the status of “free city” for supporting him during the Great Roman Civil War. The future Emperor Augustus completed his studies here. The picturesque ruins within the city walls include a small theatre and the elegant pillars on the restored facade of the city's administrative center. Afterwards, we’ll return to the ship.
Enjoy an evening of entertainment. The ship will cruise to Corfu during the night.

DAY 4: CORFU (Greece)

After arriving in Corfu, we’ll leave on a tour of Corfu, Kanoni, and Achilleion Palace. We’ll first visit Achilleion Palace, built in 1890 by Elisabeth, Empress of Austria. From the palace gardens, you’ll have a magnificent view of the Ionian Sea. We’ll continue our tour with a ride along the Kanoni Peninsula by coach. We’ll catch a glimpse of the Vlacherna Monastery and Mouse Island (Pondikonissi), before heading to the old town of Corfu, nestled between the two Venetian fortresses. Full of charming narrow streets, this quarter also houses one of the most famous monuments in Corfu: Saint Spyridon Church. The afternoon will be spent exploring the northern part of the island where you’ll discover the most beautiful spots and exceptional landscapes in Corfu. Paleokastritsa is one of the most splendid sites, and according to Homer’s tale, Ulysses made a final stop here before returning to Ithaca. The village is hilly and nestles beneath the folds of steep verdant slopes of olive groves and citrus orchards. On the most northern promontory lies the 12th-century monastery of Theotokos. It stands on a steep hillside full of wild trees facing the deep blue sea. There are some magnificent views from both the monastery and the hills above. It also contains a museum where holy and precious relics are displayed. Our tour will continue on to the mountain village of Lakones.
We’ll then return onboard to continue our cruise. Tonight’s dinner will be followed by an evening of dancing. Our ship will cruise through the night.

DAY 5: At sea

We'll spend the day at sea.

DAY 6: MESSINA (Italy)

The day will be spent touring Mount Etna(1) and Taormina. Discover one of the world's most active volcanoes that has been erupting for over several million years. Vulcan was the god of forging and the god of fire, so it’s not surprising to hear he was thought to live in such a place. We’ll visit the “Silvestri” craters and enjoy the desert moon atmosphere during a short walk. The afternoon will be spent on an optional visit of Taormina. Taormina dominates two grand bays, offering visitors a breathtaking, dramatic and memorable view over almost one hundred miles of the Mediterranean Sea. We’ll return to our ship and cruise towards Naples. Dinner will be followed by an evening of entertainment by the crew. Our ship will cruise through the night.


We’ll spend the morning cruise along the Italian coast. Enjoy the onboard activities during this time.
This afternoon, join us on an excursion to Solfatara, a shallow dormant volcanic crater that still emits jets of steam. It is a natural oasis that offers an interesting walk presenting not only renowned volcanic phenomena such as fumaroles, mofettes and mud small volcanoes, but also natural, geological, botanical and wildlife wonders. Before we return to our ship in Naples, we’ll enjoy a panoramic tour of the city by coach, where you’ll be able to see the Castel dell'Ovo, Via Caracciolo, Piazza della Vittoria and the Piazza Municipio.
Tonight is our festive gala evening.


Enjoy one last buffet breakfast on board before disembarking at 9:00.

Navigational obligations and weather conditions can disrupt the itinerary, and in certain cases, intermediate stops may be canceled. If this happens, CroisiEurope will do our best to find the best solution according to passenger expectations. For navigational safety reasons, the company and the captain are the only authorized persons who can modify the cruise itinerary. (1) If the road to Mount Etna is closed because of snow, this excursion will be replaced by a tour of Messina. Alcohol can be harmful to your health. Please drink in moderation.