Discover Volgograd




Leave on a guided tour of Volgograd. Founded in 1589 as Tsaritsyn, it made history during a 36-year period when it was known as Stalingrad. In 1942, the city was the scene of an epic battle that changed the course of World War II. Panoramic tour of the city: We’ll first stop at the mill, where Yakov Fedotovich Pavlov is credited with holding out against the Nazis during the battle. We’ll then visit The Motherland Calls on the Mamayev Kurgan overlooking the city. One of the tallest monuments in the world, this giant statue of a woman with a sword raised high in her right hand and her left hand extended in a calling gesture commemorates the Battle of Stalingrad. The patriotic and military sites in Volgograd are only part of the cultural and historic heritage attracting visitors’ attention; other sites include the Kazan Cathedral and the Old Sarepta district. We’ll return on board after our tour.

Length: 3 hours

  • The order of the visits may change.
  • The times are given as an indication.