Full day in Moscow




Our first stop will be Novodevichy Convent. Founded in 1524 by Grand Duke Vasily III to celebrate the recapture of Smolensk from the Lithuanians, the convent is definitely one of the most beautiful sights in Moscow. Also called New Maiden’s Convent, it is best known as the place where Peter the Great imprisoned his half-sister Sofia after deposing her and taking over as tsar of Russia. He later confined his first wife to the convent as well. We’ll then visit the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. One of the most imposing and controversial buildings in Russia, it was originally commissioned after the defeat of Napoleon, but work did not begin on its construction until 1839. This original church was blown to pieces in 1931 under Soviet rule. After the fall of the USSR, an ambitious mayor of Moscow joined forces with the Orthodox Church to rebuild the cathedral, loosely based on the original designs. We’ll have lunch in town and then visit the Kremlin. The Moscow Kremlin and Red Square is the Russian equivalent of Pennsylvania Avenue, the White House and the Washington Mall. Within the world-famous red walls of this self-contained city nestles a collection of buildings of various architectural styles. We’ll visit one of the three main cathedrals in the Kremlin, often the sumptuous Cathedral of the Assumption.

Length: 8 hours

  • The order of the visits may change.
  • The times are given as an indication.
  • Some churches, cathedrals and sacred sites have required dress codes: Long pants for men, and a skirt and a head scarf for women.
  • Shorts, t-shirts and hats are prohibited.
  • Most cathedrals and churches have regular worship services, and we cannot guarantee tours or visits during these services or during religious holidays.