Guided tour of Antwerp




Departure by coach from the landing stage for Antwerp city centre.
The whole of Antwerp's history has been shaped by its situation on the Scheldt. It was really only founded in about the year 900, when the villagers settled on the Aanwerp, an alluvial mound which gave its name to Antwerp. In the middle of the 16th century, the region took advantage of the town's dominant role, as the latter remained for a long time an important cultural and artistic centre. In the second part of the century, Antwerp was the scene of a political and religious struggle between the Protestant North and a very Catholic Spain.
Once you arrive in the city centre, the rest of the tour will take place on foot. First of all you will discover the Steen castle, overlooking the Scheldt. Built in the 13th century, it is the oldest building in Antwerp and today houses, under long covered passages left by Napoleon after his time in Antwerp, the National Maritime Museum. As you enter the Old Town you will see the Butcher's Hall, then move on to the Grand’Place, with its magnificent Town Hall a mixture of Gothic and Renaissance styles. You will also be able to admire the famous statue of Silvius Brabo, who according to legend, freed the town from the grip of the giant Druon Antigoon. Then you will arrive in front of the impressive Gothic Cathedral (2), a construction of lace-work in stone, which took almost two centuries to complete. The Cathedral contains some masterpieces of Flemish painting, including three monumental paintings by Peter Paul Rubens painted especially for the Cathedral. After the visit, you will have some free time to stroll through the streets of Antwerp.


Duration : approx. 2:00

  • Good walking shoes are recommended : visit entirely on foot.
  • (2) The visit of the interior of the cathedral is dependent on the schedule of arrival of the boat, itself subjected to tides.
  • The pier of the boat is 30 minutes away from the city center.
  • The entrance fee to the cathedral of Antwerp has to be payed directly in the cathedral.
  • The order of the visits can change.
  • Times are approximate.
  • These excursions are not proposed for all the cruises and depend on the itinerary.
  • If the minimum of 25 participants is not reached, the excursion may be either cancelled or proposed at another rate, depending on the number of participants (to be paid for on board).
  • The excursions on the first evening and the morning following boarding are only guaranteed for the passengers who have booked the excursion before the cruise.