Excursion to Ephesus (lunch included)




If visiting ancient archaeological sites is your passion, then Ephesus will delight you. Ephesus is one of the oldest and most important ancient Greek cities in Asia Minor. Although its ruins are situated almost seven kilometres from the coast, during the Ancient Greek and Byzantine eras Ephesus was one of the busiest ports in the Aegean Sea, as it was located close to the mouth of the great Anatolian river Caystre. Founded by the Greeks in the 10th century BC, Ephesus was invaded first by the Cimmerians in the 7th century BC, then by the Lydians in the 6th century BC and finally in 546 BC by the Persians. It remained under Persian rule until the arrival of Alexander the Great in 334 BC. The town then came under Roman rule and Emperor Augustus made it a district capital in the Asian Province called “Conventus Ephesinus”. In 262 BC, Ephesus was attacked by the Goths and forever lost its glory of the past. Ephesus owes much of its renown to Artemision, the great sanctuary temple dedicated to Artemis, the Goddess protector of the town, which is considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World. From Kusadasi, set off by coach along with local guides. You will stop first of all at the house of the Virgin Mary. According to Christian tradition, after Christ was crucified, the Virgin Mary, fearing persecution from Rome, was brought here by the Apostle John to live in this region of Asia Minor until her blessed Assumption. Continue to the ancient site of Ephesus. In the 19th century, the nun Anne Catherine Emmerich is said to have had a vision of Mary in her house, without ever having visited the spot. In 1891, a research team arrived in the area and thought they had found the house, based on the visions of this nun. Later, studies showed that although the house was built over the ruins of an older building, there is no archaeological proof that it could have been built during the Apostolic era. Continue to the ancient archaeological site of Ephesus. You will see some magnificent ruins, in particular Celsus Library, the Great Theatre and Hadrian’s Temple. You will follow in the footsteps of Cleopatra and Mark Anthony as you walk along the Arcadian Way. Visit the archaeological museum of Ephesus which houses some fine mosaics and the statue of the Goddess Artemis. There will be a stop during the day for lunch in a traditional restaurant. Return to Kusadasi by coach.


Duration : 9:15

  • Good walking shoes, sunglasses, a hat, sun cream and a scarf to protect your face from the dust are strongly recommended for this excursion.
  • Good walking shoes are recommended.
  • We recommend that you carry a bottle of water with you when visiting the sites.
  • Tight-fitting, short and low-cut outfits are to be avoided at the sites.
  • As a general rule, it is recommended that you wear non-revealing, modest and comfortable clothing, and bring a sweater and jacket for the cool morning and evening temperatures.
  • Lunch included (without drinks).
  • Given the distances that have to be covered, the departure times for all full-day excursions will be very early in the morning by air-conditioned coach.
  • The order of visits may be modified.
  • These excursions are not proposed for all the cruises and depend on the itinerary.
  • If the minimum of 25 participants is not reached, the excursion may be either cancelled or proposed at another rate, depending on the number of participants (to pay on board).
  • The excursions of the first evening and the morning following the embarkation are only guaranteed for the passengers who have booked the excursion before the cruise.