Excursion to Olympia




Departure by coach with your guides for Olympia, birthplace of the famous Olympic Games, whose watchwords were "physical and intellectual prowess, spirit of friendship and peace". First you will visit the Palestra. It was in the courtyard of this building that the wrestlers trained or bathed in the surrounding rooms. Then you will see the great Temple of Zeus, dating from the 5th century BC and partly destroyed by an earthquake in the 6th century. It contained one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the famous Statue of Zeus at Olympia sculpted by Phidias. You will also be able to admire the Temple of Hera, built in about 600 BC in Doric style. It is in front of this temple that the Olympic flame for the modern games is lit. The visit continues with the Stadium, where numerous athletic events took place: running, wrestling, pentathlon and more. You will notice that on the ground there are still the start and finish marks for the races. The tour ends with the museum which contains objects and statues found during the excavations, including the colossal head of Hera as well as a fine collection of bronze armor.


Duration : approx. 4:30

  • Good walking shoes are recommended.
  • The order of the visits can change.
  • Times are approximate.
  • These excursions are not proposed for all the cruises and depend on the itinerary.
  • The excursions on the first evening and the morning following boarding are only guaranteed for the passengers who have booked the excursion before the cruise.
  • If the minimum of 25 participants is not reached, the excursion may be either cancelled or proposed at another rate, depending on the number of participants (to be paid for on board).