Excursion to Priene, Miletus and Didyma




You will visit Priene, Miletus and Didyma, three historically rich sites which flourished during the reign of Alexander the Great. Your coach will drop you off in front of the ancient ruins and paved streets of Priene. The town experienced its golden age before the port gradually silted up. Nowadays, Priene is 15 kilometres from the sea, whereas when it was founded, it would have been just 6 kilometres away. Among other sites, you will visit the theatre, Athena’s temple and Alexander’s house set in a superb, natural and unspoilt setting. You will then continue on to Miletus, situated opposite the Balat Plain. Destroyed several times by invaders and then by an earthquake in 1955, Miletus is home to a magnificent theatre which dominates the whole site. The theatre was transformed into a fortress in the 8th century by the Byzantines because of its size. You will then continue to the final visit, Didyma, ancient sanctuary and an oracle temple of Apollo, located south of Miletus. Here you will enjoy lunch in a restaurant opposite Apollo’s Temple before you visit the site. After it was pillaged and burnt by the Persians in 494 BC, Didyma’s sanctuary was administered by the family of the Branchidae, a line of priests named after Branchos, a youth beloved of Apollo. Return by coach to Kusadasi.


Duration : 8:00

  • Good walking shoes, sunglasses, a hat, sun cream and a scarf to protect your face from the dust are strongly recommended for this excursion.
  • Guided tour mainly on foot.
  • We recommend that you carry a bottle of water with you when visiting the sites.
  • Tight-fitting, short and low-cut outfits are to be avoided at the sites.
  • As a general rule, it is recommended that you wear non-revealing, modest and comfortable clothing, and bring a sweater and jacket for the cool morning and evening temperatures.
  • Lunch included (without drinks).
  • Given the distances that have to be covered, the departure times for all full-day excursions will be very early in the morning by air-conditioned coach.
  • The order of visits may be modified.
  • These excursions are not proposed for all the cruises and depend on the itinerary.
  • If the minimum of 25 participants is not reached, the excursion may be either cancelled or proposed at another rate, depending on the number of participants (to pay on board).
  • The excursions of the first evening and the morning following the embarkation are only guaranteed for the passengers who have booked the excursion before the cruise.