Guided tour of Astrakhan




We’ll leave by coach for a guided tour of Astrakhan. The city is spread over 11 islands and is sometimes called “Southern Venice” for its numerous canals and channels connecting with the Volga and the 50 bridges that cross the waters. Astrakhan is truly a place where the East meets the West and is at the same time a unique Russian and Eastern city. Older parts of Astrakhan are filled with wonderful examples of Russian architecture, most notably the Kremlin, built in the later 16th and early 17th centuries, and the two impressive cathedrals. Our tour by coach will allow us to see many of the main monuments in the city, including the buildings in Lenin Square and the Kremlin. The Astrakhan Kremlin, with its green and gold domes and whitewashed walls, is the iconic image for every visitor to the city. Inside the Kremlin, we’ll visit the magnificent Assumption Cathedral. Peter the Great once expressed admiration for this exquisitely decorated place of worship. “In the whole of my empire,” he declared, “there is not a single cathedral as beautiful as this one.” We’ll return on board after our tour.



Length: 3 hours

  • The order of the visits may change.
  • In September, visit starts at 10 a.m.
  • The times are given as an indication.
  • Some churches, cathedrals and sacred sites have required dress codes: Long pants for men, and a skirt and a head scarf for women. Shorts, t-shirts and hats are prohibited.
  • Most cathedrals and churches have regular worship services, and we cannot guarantee tours or visits during these services or during religious holidays.