Looking for the Big Five in Kruger National Park




The term “Big Five” was historically used to denote the five most dangerous animals to hunt in Southern Africa, but fortunately the term is now used to describe the most popular and exciting animals to view on safari in the Kruger National Park: lions, elephants, rhinoceroses, buffalo and leopards. Get up before daybreak for the ultimate safari experience accompanied by skilled rangers. One of the best times to enjoy game viewing is first thing in the morning before the heat of the day kicks in. Enjoy the rest of your morning relaxing by the pool.
We’ll have lunch at the lodge. Before dinner, you’ll set out once again with your rangers, since late afternoon is another great time for game viewing as the day starts to cool down.

Length: Approx. 3 hours (x2)

Excursion included

  • The order of the visits may change.
  • The times are given as an indication.