We’ll leave for Pergamon, capital of the Attalid Dynasty, which rose to prominence during the years of the Greek empire’s division following the death of Alexander the Great. The city enjoyed centuries of prosperity that continued when it passed peacefully to Rome’s control in 133 B.C. Parchment was developed in Pergamon.
We’ll arrive on the site by aerial tram and start our tour with the Acropolis and the podium where the Pergamon Alter once stood but is now sitting in the Berlin Museum. Cascading sharply down the precipitous slope towards the sea, the theater is one of the steepest of its kind. We’ll also discover the Temple of Trajan and the remains of the Temple of Athena.
We’ll then tour the Asclepion, perhaps the world's most famous ancient medical center. Galen, arguably the most accomplished of all medical researchers after Hippocrates, lived here. He was also a well-read scholar who combined extensive erudition with “cutting edge” observational practices that completely changed the understanding and teaching of medicine. We still feel the effects of his medical theories today.
We’ll also visit the Hellenistic and Roman fortifications, the Red Basilica, and the Sacred Way.
You’ll have some free time after our visit before returning on board.


 Duration : ~ 5:00

  • Wear comfortable, sturdy walking shoes.
  • If there is not a minimum of 25 participants, the excursion will be cancelled or offered at a higher rate according to the number of participants (payment on board).
  • The order of the visits can change.
  • Times are approximate.
  • Alcohol can be dangerous to your health. Please drink in moderation.