The Villages in the Balagne Region




We’ll set off for a tour of villages in the Balagne Region. Each village has a story to tell about its culture and traditions. Discover a world of Corsican traditions, including the stonewash houses, fountains and the sacred churches that bind the communities together. We’ll visit picturesque Calenzana, where you’ll think you are in another era. We’ll then head on to Montemaggiore, at the foot of the Monte Grosso mountains, for a quick photo op. This lovely cliffside village has a gorgeous view of the exceptional scenery. Afterwards, we'll pass through Sant'Antonino, sometimes referred to as the “Eagles Nest” because of its dramatic situation clinging to the top of a hill, and the timeworn village of Aregno, surrounded by orange, lemon and olive groves. Our next stop will be Île Rousse. Overlooking the most beautiful Mediterranean bays, Île-Rousse is a lively resort town. We’ll continue our visit on a tourist train before returning to Calvi.


Duration: approx. 4h00

  • The order of the visits can change.
  • Times are approximate.