From the Blue Danube to the Black Sea (formula port/port, without transfer)




DAY 1 LINZ (Austria)

Passengers are welcome to board the ship. After comfortably settling into your cabins, enjoy a welcome cocktail with the crew. Dinner will be served.

DAY 2 MELK - VIENNA (Austria)

Excursion for both packages: Join us for a visit to the Melk Abbey, perched on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Danube. - Our ship will cruise to Vienna. Our excursions proposed for this evening:
CLASSIC: Viennese concert (subjected to availability).
DISCOVERY: An evening in Grinzing, a village on the outskirts of the city still holding much of its traditional charm and convivial atmosphere. You'll have a seat in a famous Heuriger tavern, where you'll be able to taste the local wines and other specialties from the region surrounded by authentic ambiance.


Excursions proposed:
CLASSIC: Guided visit of Schoenbrunn Palace and with its magnificent park, the former summer residence of the Emperor of Austria and his family.
DISCOVERY: The high art of Viennese living: Music and Viennese cafes. We'll stroll through the city and visit back stage in the Konzerthaus concert hall. After our tour, enjoy a steaming cup of Vienna Coffee and a delicious pastry.
After our visits, we'll begin to cruise to Bratislava. Excursions proposed:
CLASSIC: Guided tour of Bratislava, dominated to the north by the slopes of the southern tip of the Little Carpathians and bathed by the Danube. Its charm is found in its old town, with its splendid Baroque palaces, churches and pleasant squares.
DISCOVERY: Hiking in Bratislava: The Little Carpathians. From Devin Castle, we'll take in the splendid view of Bratislava.
We'll return on board and cruise to Budapest.

DAY 4 BUDAPEST (Hungary)

We'll arrive in Budapest. Excursions proposed:
CLASSIC: Sightseeing tour of Budapest, once two distinct cities that united only in 1873. Buda, on one bank with its rolling hills and valleys; and Pest, on the other, with its flatter landscape that offers a panoramic view over the banks of the Danube. Both are on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
DISCOVERY: Budapest by bike. You'll see all the important sights of the city on an easy-paced ride, cycling through the historical center of Hungarian culture and many other legendary sites in Budapest.
The afternoon is free to do as you please. Optional (not included in the packages): Discover the Gellert Baths and Spa. In the evening, optional excursion for both packages: evening of traditional entertainment in Budapest. Our ship will cruise through the night.

DAY 5 BUDAPEST - KALOCSA (Hungary) - MOHACS (Hungary) - BEZDAN (Serbia)

We'll arrive in Kalocsa. Excursion for both packages: visit the Puszta, the Pannonian steppe grasslands. We'll enjoy a horse show. After we return on board, we continue towards Mohacs and Novi Sad. Our ship will cruise through the night.

DAY 6 NOVI SAD (Serbia) - BELGRAD (Serbia)

We'll arrive in Novi Sad. Excursions proposed:
CLASSIC: Guided visit of Novi Sad, the industrial and financial center of the Serbian economy and a major cultural center.
DISCOVERY: Novi Sad and a walk to the Petrovaradin fortress. We'll leave the ship for an energetic walk to the Petrovaradin Fortress. We'll stroll along the riverfront before climbing the 200 steps up to the fortress. The view from the fort is splendid, and we'll enjoy a snack during our hike.
Our ship will begin to cruise to Belgrade. The afternoon will be spent cruising, before arriving in the Serbian capital in the evening. In the evening, optional excursion for both packages: evening of traditional entertainment in Belgrade.


Excursions proposed:
CLASSIC: Guided tour of Belgrade. Known for its high cultural influence during the Turkish occupation, the city charms us with its Eastern, Slavic and Austrian heritage. The lively Terazije Square is considered the heart of the city.
DISCOVERY: Biking in Belgrade. You'll cycle along the history-filled streets with your guide, who'll explain the city's recent past from World War II to current times.
The afternoon will be spent cruising to Donji Milanovac.


The entire day will be spent cruising on the Danube. Our ship will pass through the Iron Gates, the gorge on the Danube that forms part of the boundary between Serbia and Romania. It was called “The Cauldrons” by ancient sailors, since the water, held tightly between two steep cliffs, seems to be boiling. On the Serbian bank of the river, we'll catch a glimpse of the Tabula Traiana—a marble plaque honoring the Roman Road that once linked Rome to the province of Dacia. Tonight is our gala evening.

DAY 9 RUSE (Bulgaria)

We'll arrive in Ruse. Excursion for both packages: Tour of the canyon-shaped valley along the Rusenski Lom River, and the Rock-hewn Churches of Ivanovo, a group of monolithic churches, chapels and monasteries hewn out of solid rock. Excursion for both packages: Tour of Ruse. Enjoy dinner and an evening of traditional entertainment on board.

DAY 10 RUSE - GIURGIU (Romania) - OLTENITA ( Romania)

Our ship will cruise to Giurgiu. Excursions proposed:
CLASSIC: Guided tour of Bucharest. Bucharest offers a striking combination of architectural styles: Curtea Veche, the ruins of a 15th-century palace built during the rule of Vlad III Dracula, orthodox churches, Empire-style manor houses, Communist-inspired architecture, and the Parliament (outside only - entrance fees not included).
DISCOVERY: Bucharest: The legend of Dracula. Full-day excursion chasing the legends of Dracula! We'll head for Bucharest, but first we'll stop off at one of the most mysterious sites involved in the legend.
We'll return on board in Olenita

DAY 11 TULCEA (Romania)

We'll arrive in Tulcea. Excursions proposed:
CLASSIC: The Danube Delta. You’ll tour the Danube Delta and enjoy the flora and fauna, see the multiple natural and artificial canals, and walk away with impressions that will last a lifetime.
DISCOVERY: Delta Danube on a speed boat. On board a 7-passenger speed boat, you'll tour the Danube Delta and enjoy the flora and fauna.
We'll return on board in Tulcea. Enjoy an evening of traditional entertainment.


Enjoy breakfast on board before disembarking at 9:00 a.m.

For the safety of our passengers, the captain and crew of the boat may decide to modify the navigational itinerary. Alcohol can damage your health. Please drink in moderation.

Formula port/port, without transfer.

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