From Burgundy to Provence Biking along the Rhône and Saône





Passengers are welcome to board our ship at 6 p.m. After comfortably settling into your cabins, we’ll introduce our crew at a welcome cocktail. Sit back and enjoy a presentation about your CroisiCyclo vacation. Dinner will be served on board, followed by an evening of entertainment in the lounge.


All meals served on board. Our first bike trip will be across Lyon to discover its historical and architectural sites, stopping along the way to taste some local specialties. Since its founding by the Romans, Lyon has played a major role in the development of Europe. During our bike tour of the city, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of famous buildings such as Vieux Lyon, the Notre-Dame de Fourvière Basilica, the Parc de la Tête d’Or, the cathedral, the Museum of Fine Arts and Place Bellecour. After you return to the ship, we’ll spend the afternoon cruising to Mâcon. Enjoy an evening of dancing. We’ll reach Mâcon in the evening and remain in port overnight.
Biking itinerary: in Lyon 24.1 km./15 mi. (213 m./698 ft. elevation gain)


All meals served on board. Today, we’ll bike on a great bike path through endless vineyards towards Cluny. The itinerary will bring you through places renowned for their wines, like Prissé, La Roche-Vineuse and also the medieval castle of Berzé. Once we arrive in Cluny, take your time to the visit the abbey, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Romanesque-style abbey used to be a Benedictine monastery. After our visit, we’ll return to the ship.
Biking itinerary: to Fuissé 29 km./18 mi. (305 m./1000 ft. elevation gain) - to Cluny 57.9 km./36 mi. (549 m./1801 ft. elevation gain)


All meals served on board. Today’s tour on bike will be through Pilat Regional Natural Park. This 395,369-acre (160,000-hectare) protected zone is a prime example of environmental diversity. We’ll then bike down a peaceful path towards the Côte-Rôtie vineyards. Don’t miss the Les Saisons de Rosalie store in Longes, where they make heavenly jam. As we leave the park, we’ll enter the famous Côte-Rôtie vineyard. We’ll stop for a wine tasting before enjoying a picnic lunch. Following our tour, we’ll return to the ship. We’ll spend the afternoon cruising to Arles. Tonight’s entertainment will be provided by the crew. Our ship will cruise through the night.
Biking itinerary: to Longes 22.5 km./14 mi. (244 m./898 ft. elevation gain)

DAY 5: ARLES - The Camargue

All meals included. We’ll leave on our bikes for the day. We’ll travel through the Natural Regional Park of the Alpilles, where you’ll discover the local fauna and flora. You’ll see olive and almond trees, along with rare species living in the heights of the park, and relics of prehistoric homes bringing you back to the origins of humanity. On your way, you’ll have some free time to visit Les Baux de Provence, a charming little village situated at the top of a spur dominated by a castle in ruins. We’ll enjoy a picnic lunch. We’ll then continue to Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, birthplace of Nostradamus, for a visit. Vincent Van Gogh also took refuge here during his treatments. It’s a town loaded with history. Afterwards, we’ll enjoy a Provence-themed evening on board, including a traditional show. We’ll remain in port overnight.
Biking itinerary: to Les-Baux-de-Provence 33.8 km./21 mi. (335 m./1099 ft. elevation gain) - to Alpilles 59.5 km./37 mi. (427 m./1400 ft. elevation gain) - the Arles loop 72.4 km./45 mi. (488 m./1066 ft. elevation gain)


All meals included. Our ship will cruise to Avignon. Once we arrive, we’ll be transferred to our departure point: the village of Gordes. This will be one of the prettiest bike tours this week. You’ll go to the Luberon Regional Natural Park, passing along famous Provencal villages such as Gordes, Roussillon, Bonnieux, Lacoste and Ménerbes. A stopover is planned in Roussillon to take in its colorful ochre deposits. You’ll then cross the Pont Julien, built in 3 BC, before stopping for a picnic lunch. In the afternoon, we’ll continue our tour through the Luberon Park and stop for a visit to taste some wine. After a last hill, we’ll head back to the ship. This evening, you can take part in an optional guided tour of Viviers, where you’ll discover France’s smallest cathedral. We’ll remain in port overnight.
Biking itinerary: to Roussillon 22.5 km./14 mi. (335 m./1099 ft. elevation gain) - to Ménerbes 48.3 km./30 mi. (732 m./2401 ft. elevation gain) - from Joucas 72.4 km./45 mi. (1158 m./3799 ft. elevation gain)


All meals served on board. We’ll spend the morning cruising the river, arriving in Tournon in the beginning of the afternoon. It’s our last day! Although your vacation is coming to an end, your adventure is not over. This afternoon, your itinerary takes you to the loop west of Tournon-Sur-Rhône to lead you to the center of the Gorges du Doux. The river path offers a stunning view. During your tour, keep an eye out for quaint villages, like Boucieu-le-Roi. We’ll then return to the ship. Tonight is our festive gala evening. We’ll cruise to Lyon during the night.
Biking itinerary: to Tournon-Sur-Rhône 29 km./18 mi. (792 m./1000 ft. elevation gain) - to Boucieu-le-Roi 48.3 km./36 mi. (1 158 m./1801 ft. elevation gain)


Enjoy one last buffet breakfast on board before disembarking in Lyon at 9:00 a.m.

For navigational safety reasons, the company and the captain are the only authorized persons who can modify the cruise itinerary. The program is guaranteed only for a minimum of 8 passengers. Alcohol can be dangerous to your health. Please drink in moderation.
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Practical Information

+ Types of bikes:

  • Unisex hybrid bikes that can be used by both men and women (flat handlebars), similar or equivalent to the Alpenchallenge AC01 with Shimano 105 or Ultegra derailleurs.

- High-quality Shimano 105 or Ultegra derailleurs make climbing hills easier
- Disc brakes for better stopping ability and avoiding skidding during rain
- A maximum 10 kg (22 lbs.) bike weight for optimal comfort


  • The bikes used currently are BMC Alpenchallenge AC01 Deore XT/SLX. Our partner will be upgrading their fleet in 2017.
  • Extra-padded seats for women.
  • Pouch for accessories (camera, windbreaker, etc.). Please do not carry large items with you.
  • Each bike is equipped with a GPS programmed with the day’s itinerary so that everyone can bike at their own pace.
  • Passengers can bring their own cleated cycling shoes, but you must also bring your own pedals so that they can be attached to our bikes.


+ Where we bike:

  • On paved roads or bike paths.
  • We will not go on mountain bike routes.


+ Biking while the ship cruises

  • One or more minivans with guide(s) will follow the group of cyclists.
  • Bikes will be stored in the minivan and picked up each day by passengers.
  • For the slightest problem, the driver of the minivan will either repair the bike or replace it.


Here is a FAQ list for several recurring questions:


  • Can I stop cycling during the day's tour, and if so, how do I get back to the ship?
           o Yes. Vans will be provided with an extra seat for each passenger if needed.
           o The return to the ship will be done at the first opportune moment; the passengers on the bike tour will remain our immediate priority.


  • Can we request an e-bike?
           o Yes. Please ask for our rates.


  • What happens if I get a flat tire?
           o Our guides will repair it!


  • Some travel agencies think that tours over 31 miles per day (50 km) are too much for the average client.
           o That’s why the shortest option each day will not be over 22 miles (35 km), except for one specific day on the Rhine.
           o If needed, our vans will be available for passengers who would like to stop.
           o Don’t forget that elevation gain is a very important aspect of biking: 31 miles (50 km) along the flat Danube route is very different than even 6 miles (10 km) up to Mont-Sainte-Odile.
           o Our goal is to offer as many options as possible so that different level passengers can participate in the same tours.
           o Even beginner cyclists will enjoy our tours because the shortest itinerary will never be longer than 22 miles (35 km).


Just for kids:

  • Do you have bikes for kids? What age must they be and what are the sizes?
            o We can provide wheels for children under the following conditions:

                         Kids’ bikes
                               • Children can ride on their own from 8 years and up
                               • 20” bike for children between 3’ 11” and 4’ 3” (120 to 130 cm)
                               • 24” bike for children between 4’ 3” and 5’ 1” (130 to 155 cm)


                               • Maximum weight = 83 lbs. (38 kg)
                               • For ages 4 to 7


                         Bike trailer
                               • Maximum weight = 60 lbs. (27 kg)
                               • For ages 1 to 3

                  o Parents must have the Trail-a-bike or bike trailer attached to their bikes
                  o PLEASE NOTE: you must request these accessories when placing your order


  • Are the tours and itineraries adapted to children?
            o All of our tours are designed to limit contact with road traffic as much as possible.
            o If vehicle circulation during a specific tour becomes excessive, transfers for the children will be organized to remove them from any possible danger.


  • If our kids get tired, can they recuperate in the minivan?
            o This is always possible when accompanied by a parent.
            o For children less than 4 years, parents must provide an adapted car seat for the van.
            o For children who are older, booster car seats are usually provided.


  • Can children ride in the minivan without a parent?
            o NO



If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us. We update this information sheet regularly.