Italian Hiking Cruise: The Amalfi Coast, Sicily and Calabria



NAPLES - Aeolian Islands - MILAZZO - MESSINA - VIBO MARINA - SALERNO - The Amalfi Coast - Capri and Anacapri - NAPLES


After comfortably settling into your cabins, we’ll introduce our crew at a welcome cocktail before dinner.


Non-hikers' program: The morning will be dedicated to a tour of Pompeii. A reminder of the violent forces that lie deep inside Mount Vesuvius, Pompeii is Europe’s most compelling archaeological site and one of Italy’s most visited tourist attractions.

Hikers' program: Energetic tour of Pompeii and visit to the Villa of the Mysteries on the outskirts of the city, with the majority of its walls, ceilings, and most particularly its frescoes, largely undamaged.
(4 hours, including 2 hours hiking, 1.8 mi./3 km.)

Non-hikers' program: We’ll spend the afternoon on an excursion to Solfatara, a shallow dormant volcanic crater located near Pozzuoli and in the midst of the Phlegrean countryside. We’ll return to Naples by coach and take a panoramic tour of the city.

Hikers' program: We'll leave by coach for the historical heart of the city, Spaccanapoli. We’ll continue on to a visit of underground Naples, a labyrinth of ancient catacombs and caves, Roman roads and markets.
(4 hours, including 2 hours hiking, 1.5 mi./2.5 km. and 121 steps)

We’ll return on board our ship and begin to cruise towards Milazzo. Enjoy an Italian-themed dinner and evening.

DAY 3: The Aeolian Islands - MILAZZO (Sicily)

The morning will be spent cruising along the shores of the Aeolian Islands(1). We’ll arrive in Milazzo in the early afternoon.

Non-hikers' program: Come with us on an excursion to Tindari.

Hikers' program: We’ll leave by coach for Capo Milazzo, the thin peninsula on the northeastern part of the island of Sicily which extends into the Tyrrhenian Sea towards the Lipari Islands. Afterwards, you’ll walk along the picturesque cape to the castle. (4 hours, 2.5 mi. /4km., 130ft. elevation gain)

We’ll then return onboard to continue our cruise. Enjoy an evening of dancing.

DAY 4: MESSINA (Sicily)

Non-hikers' program: Full-day excursion, including lunch, to Mount Etna and Taormina(1). Mount Etna is the largest active volcano in Europe. We'll go up about 1,950m (6,000 ft.) to discover the Silvestri Spent Craters. Afterwards, we'll continue on to Taormina and visit its Greek-Roman theater.

Hikers' program: We’ll leave by coach for Mount Etna, the largest active volcano in Europe. We’ll start out on the eastern slope of the volcano for a hike along the Sartorius Mounts, ancient craters that originated during the 1865 lava flow. We’ll first trek through a birch forest, a species you can only find in this area of the volcano. We’ll turn to the north and head for the spectacular formations created during the last eruption in 2002. (7.5 hours, including 1.5 hours hiking, 1.25 mi./2 km., 131-164 ft. elevation gain - picnic lunch - hiking boots with ankle support are a must - telescopic hiking poles are recommended (not included.))

After our tours, we’ll return to the ship. Tonight’s evening will have a Sicilian theme.

DAY 5: VIBO MARINA - Calabria

Non-hikers' program: Excursion to Calabria. You'll discover Tropea, a seaside resort with impressive scenery. We'll enjoy a tasting of regional products.

Hikers' program: We’ll leave by coach for Capo Vaticano, rising over 400 feet above the sea. We’ll hike along a path through the Mediterranean landscapes offering a myriad of light and colors from spectacular and incomparable views off cliffs that fall directly into the turquoise sea. We’ll enjoy a tasting of local products before returning to our ship.
(4 hours, including 1.5 hours hiking, 1.5 mi./3km., 82 ft. elevation gain)

We’ll return to our ship and cruise towards Salerno. Dinner will be followed by an evening of entertainment.

DAY 6: SALERNO - The Amalfi Coast

Non-hikers' program: Excursion to Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast.

Hikers' program: Today we’re off to Pontone, the starting point of our hike on the Path of the Valle delle Ferriere, a unique place with a splendid Nature Reserve at its core. Our hike will end in Amalfi. Enjoy some free time in its lovely historic center.
(6.5 hours, 3.7 mi. /6km., 980 ft. elevation gain – picnic lunch)

We’ll spend the afternoon cruising along the Amalfi Coast. Tonight we’ll enjoy songs and music from the Naples region.

DAY 7: NAPLES - Capri - Anacapri

For everyone: Full-day excursion to Capri and Anacapri(1) (lunch included.) We’ll take an airboat or a ferry to splendid Capri. We’ll head to the village of Anacapri and visit the villa San Michele, built at the turn of the last century by Swedish physician and author Axel Munthe. In the afternoon, enjoy some free time on your own or visit the Gardens of Augustus, offering splendid views of the sea and fantastic photographic vistas. We’ll return to Naples by airboat or ferry.
Tonight is our festive gala evening.


Enjoy one last buffet breakfast on board before disembarking at 9:00 a.m. End of our services.

For navigational safety reasons, the company and the captain are the only authorized persons who can modify the cruise itinerary. (1) Subject to favorable weather conditions. Alcohol can be harmful to your health. Please drink in moderation.

Port-to-port cruise. No transfers included. For more information about flights and transfers, please contact our call center by clicking on « Request a quote » and filling out the form, or by calling 1-800-768-7232

More info

Level of Difficulty: Level 3 out of 5
You must be in excellent physical condition to join us for the hikes on Day 6 and Day 7.

Effort Level
The activities proposed are two- to five-hour hikes with varying altitude differences according to the destination (from 492 to 2,700 feet). They allow discovery on foot of specific natural and cultural sites during the cruise.
The lengths mentioned in the program are for informational purposes only and do not include the time needed for breaks and stops.
You do not have to be a seasoned hiker to participate, but you must be physically fit and rested if you would like to take full advantage of your cruise.

Equipment you’ll need

You must carry a backpack (max. 30 liters). In your backpack, you'll need a sweater, rain gear, room for your picnic, a water bottle and sunscreen (extremely important when hiking in the mountains).
Your choice of bag should be based on your comfort and enjoyment during the hike. Choose a solid bag that fits you well, with padded shoulder straps and strong, weather-resistant material.
You will be responsible for carrying your own bag and gear at all times.
Good hiking shoes or boots must fit well and not cause discomfort. Verify that your shoes are right for you by trying them on and testing them before leaving on your trip.
Regardless of the level of difficulty of the hike, the soles of your shoes must be high-quality, meaning sewn properly and non-skid on wide-ranging and wet ground. We recommend hiking boots with ankle support and soles that absorb shocks, which will help protect you against ankle, back and joint problems.
Hiking clothes must include:

• Undergarments providing warmth according to the hikes to be done
• Quick-dry, light-weight hiking pants
• Warm sweater
• Rain coat or cape
• Hat for sun protection
• Light-weight gloves and a warm hat will be needed in the spring or fall seasons
Remember to bring:
• Sunglasses
• Sunscreen
• Any personal medication (see below)
• Water bottle
• Toilet paper
• Pocket knife
• Telescopic hiking poles for those who are used to using them (recommended for this cruise in particular)
First-aid kit
Our guide will carry a first-aid kit on every hike.
Nevertheless, you must also carry a personal first-aid kit with you with the following items (varies according to destination):
• Adhesive bandages
• Moleskin for blisters
• Analgesics
• Mosquito repellant
• Eye drops
• Anti-diarrheal
And any personal prescriptions if you are under medical treatment