Venice, its lagoon and the Pô Delta



VENICE - Padua - Verona - Vicenza - The Lagoon islands - VENICE


Passengers are welcome to board our ship at 5:00 p.m. We’ll set off for the 7 Martyrs quay. After comfortably settling into your cabins, we’ll introduce our crew at a welcome cocktail before dinner.


We’ll depart on foot for the guided tour of the Doge’s Palace, symbol of the glory and power of Venice, and the famous Piazza San Marco. Enjoy time at leisure this afternoon to amble down the streets of the city. We suggest a gondola tour on the Venitian canals (not included - to be reserved and paid for on site). The evening in Venice is free to do as you please.


We’ll spend this morning cruising towards Chioggia, doorway to the Adriatic Sea. This afternoon, join us for an excursion to Padua, a beautiful city whose architecture and artistic riches show the influence of its medieval and Renaissance eras. During this time, our boat will sail towards Taglio di Pô where we’ll board it again towards 7:00 p.m. If you do not choose to go on the excursion to Padua, a transfer is established to the famous resort of Sottomarina. There you will have some free time to enjoy its beautiful promenade by the sea (possibility of bathing) or the city center. We'll then drive to Taglio Di Po where we'll return on board. Our ship will cruise through the night.

DAY 4: POLESELLA - Verona - Vicenza - VENICE

Full-day excursion to Verona. Famous for being the stage of the forbidden romance between Romeo and Juliet, Verona is also undisputably one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. You’ll get to admire the Piazza delle Erbe, Juliet’s house (exterior only) and the cathedral (exterior only). You’ll also get the chance to visit the Verona Arena(2). This gorgeous amphitheater, one of the largest in the Roman world, can welcome up to 25,000 attendees spread out on 44 rows of seats. The arena houses prestigious lyric concerts every summer. We’ll then continue towards Vicenza. This town of art listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO is a melting pot of styles and diversity. Its most beautiful edifices are gathered around the Piazza dei Signori. You’ll get to discover the Teatro Olimpico (exterior only) whose construction ended in 1585. This Olympic Theater is considered the first large theater to have been built since antiquity, and one of the very first permanent theaters of the modern era. It is also the last masterpiece by architect Andrea Palladio and has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site list since 1994. Afterwards, we’ll visit “La Rotonda”, one of Palladio’s most famous works. The highlight of the interior is the central, circular hall, surrounded by a balcony and covered by the domed ceiling. Abundant frescoes create an atmosphere that is more reminiscent of a cathedral than the principal salon of a country house. During this time, our ship will sail towards Venice(1). Tonight’s our gala dinner and evening.


This morning will be dedicated to an excursion to the Lagoon islands: Burano, famous for its lacework, will unveil its colorful scenery. There, you’ll get to marvel at a miniature copy of Venice, complete with its leaning tower, canals and bridges. We’ll then move on to Torcello and its gorgeous cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, a basilica church containing the earliest Venetian-Byzantine mosaics in the area of Venice. This afternoon, enjoy time at leisure in Venice. The evening is also free to do as you please.


Enjoy one last buffet breakfast on board before disembarking at 9:00 a.m. End of our services.

For navigational safety reasons, the company and the captain are the only authorized persons who can modify the cruise itinerary. (1) Passengers cannot stay on board during navigation between Chioggia and Taglio di Po nor the opposite direction. (2) In case the Arena is booked for shows, we'll visit the beautiful Giusti gardens instead. Alcohol can be harmful to your health. Please drink in moderation.

Port-to-port cruise, no transfers included.

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