Don’t Let the Holiday Menu Sink You! How to Avoid Gaining Weight on Your Cruise

Posted by James on 01/05/2015

Delicious breakfast buffets and extravagant three course meals are some of the perks of cruising that travelers look forward to. However, gaining weight from excessive cruise dining can quickly turn this perk into a problem. By learning how to avoid going “overboard,” you can enjoy your cruise and still maintain your figure:


Try a Little Bit of Everything

When you are presented with an irresistible and extensive buffet, overloading your plate can be tempting and easy. Of course you want to try everything, but that doesn’t mean you need to try large portions of every selection. Instead, take a small sample of each option so you can still enjoy a variety of food without overeating.

Choose a Cruise Line with Quality Cuisine

Instead of typical American diet, some cruise lines like CroisiEurope offer professional and exceptional foreign cuisine. As a result, these cruise lines will offer healthier and fresher food options in manageable portion sizes. Trying foreign cuisine will also allow you to experience the true culture and gastronomy of the country you are traveling to.

Utilize the Cruise Gym and Stairs

Most cruise ships include gyms that passengers can use at any time. In fact, every CroisiEurope cruise ship has a gym on the sundeck. If you’re serious about staying in shape, dedicate 30 minutes of your day working out in the ship’s gym. You can also take the stairs instead of the elevators to burn a few extra calories.

Plan for Physically Active Excursions

If gyms aren’t for you, take advantage of excursions that involve physical activity when you are in port. Consider fun and energetic activities such as snorkeling, biking, and swimming. Especially on CroisiEurope excursions, you will also burn calories as you take long, easy and beautiful walks around the various cities.

Ask for Alternative Options

Most cruise lines, including CroisiEurope, provide alternative food options for those with special dietary needs. So don’t be afraid to ask if there are low-fat or sugar-free options available. Also, by letting the cruise staff know you are watching your weight, they will be less likely to tempt you and more likely to help you.

Don’t let the fear of cruise weight-gain stop you from experiencing the joys of cruising. By learning how to control yourself and by taking advantage of healthy options, you can go on an amazing cruise without obsessing over counting calories.

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