European countries have long been in the forefront of eco-friendly practices, and CroisiEurope is proud to have been a pioneer in this field since well before these practices became standard.  Our commitment to the environment goes far beyond legal requirements.  


  • We have installed water savers on all the boats, resulting in a 35% saving in drinking water and a 35% reduction in waste water.
  • All ships are fitted with waste-water disposal systems which are emptied, at stopover points, into designated urban sewerage network and/or water treatment stations.  We do not dump waste into our oceans or rivers.
  • The undersides of all our boats are painted with non-polluting components.


  • Our ships are equipped with engines that meet the latest and most stringent European pollution control standards, and thus reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Onboard technology allows cruising that minimizes diesel consumption.
  • We have installed systems compatible with on-land electric mains.


  • Many of our ships are fitted with electricity-saving equipment.
  • We winter our ships in a river port with stationary generators and high-voltage dockside socket boxes, which reduce noise and pollution.


  • Paper, plastic and glass waste is sorted and compacted onboard, and then recycled.
  • Waste oils are saved and processed by specialists in port.
  • We use biodegradable and green cleaning products.


  • Our machinery room ventilation is insulated, to minimize noise pollution when docked.


  • CroisiEurope is proud to be associated with Imprim’vert, an organization which obliges printers to follow ecological values and processes which protect the environment.
  • All CroisiEurope communication documents are printed on unbleached paper and we use only plant-based inks.


CroisiEurope has also initiated a partnership with UNESCO in order to further the sustainable and ecologically sound development of river ports in Africa.


Forthcoming green projects for our company include:

  • Better control of water consumption on board
  • Reduction of waste by opting for re-useable packaging