In 2016 CroisiEurope celebrates its 40th anniversary!

40 years of expertise and conquering waterways

In 1976 Gerard Schmitter founded Alsace Croisière, the first French river tourism company. Named CroisiEurope in 1997, the firm passed was on to his four children. Today, the company operated 43 ships, and offers itineraries in the entire world. After France, CroisiEurope developed its activities in Portugal in 2002, offering wonderful cruises in the Douro Valley, and on the Danube in 1993. In 2007, coastal cruises were created with the brand CroisiMer and in 2010, CroisiEurope launched cruises in Russia on the Volga. The year 2014 marked the arrival of the third Schmitter generation as well as the purchase of La Compagnie Fluviale du Mekong. In 2015, CroisiEurope christened the very first cabin vessel sailing on the Loire: the Loire Princesse.

Among all the vessels joining the fleet, the Elbe Princesse is CroisiEurope's second and latest paddlewheel ship, and sails between Berlin and Prague


A 40-day cruise honoring 40 years of success

For its 40th anniversary, CroisiEurope created its 40th anniversary cruise: a 40-day trip offering a unique experience for its most loyal customers. This journey through Europe will be a unique opportunity to discover the traditions and customs of Europe through each country's heritage, sumptuous architecture and delicious cuisine. From sun-drenched Andalusia to the French art de vivre, from Bordeaux to Paris, from the romantic Rhine to the beautiful blue Danube and the Black Sea, this unique all-inclusive journey will be an exceptional voyage through Europe for the privileged ones who will experience it.


In addition to please its clients, CroisiEurope shows it capacity to face challenges by creating, innovating and managing a huge itinerary.

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