No More Doubts About Cruising

Posted by James on 12/10/2014

If you are going on a cruise for the first time, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about what to expect. Whether you are nervous about cruising or traveling to foreign places like Europe, you are likely to have several unanswered questions. However, by researching what cruising is really like and finding answers to your questions, you will feel more prepared and excited for your trip!


To help you with your research, here are answers to the most common questions first-time cruisers ask:

Is cruising expensive?

Looking at the prices of cruises can be disheartening, but remember what you’re paying for. Your cruise fare includes several things such as accommodations, meals, activities, and nighttime entertainment at each port. For cheaper cruising, travel with family-owned companies like CroisiEurope. Since we have complete control over our costs, we can provide better prices than competitors.

Are cruises all-inclusive?

While cruise fares include a lot, they don’t include everything. Some of the items you’ll likely pay extra for are alternative restaurants, shore exclusions and gratuities. However, keep in mind that luxury lines usually include more in their cruise fares. For example, CroisiEurope includes free Wi-Fi and unlimited complimentary beverages, including mineral water, fruit juice, tea, cappuccinos, coffee, beer and a large selection of fine wines.

Will I get seasick?

Since most ocean ships are very big and well-stabilized, you can hardly feel the motion! It’s also unlikely you’ll get sick while river cruising on smaller ships since sailing on rivers is typically smooth. Radar and GPS technologies also help ships avoid bad weather and rough seas. If you do get seasick, over-the-counter medication like Dramamine or Bonine can relieve any queasiness. There are several alternative remedies as well.

Is cruising safe?

Ships are required to follow several rules and regulations in order to protect everyone on board. The maritime regulatory and administration authorities along with the CLIA ensure that ships follow these rules to ensure safe, secure, and environmental friendly ship operations. The European Union also conducts hygiene inspections on passenger ships in order to eliminate potential contamination and the spreading of diseases. Also, when cruising with CroisiEurope, guests can feel safe knowing that all of our ships are Bureau Veritas certified, which guarantees that the ships have excellent security measures in place.

Will I gain weight?

With constant access to free food, gaining weight can seem impossible to avoid. However, most ships like CroisiEurope provide options for people with special dietary needs or for those who prefer low-fat alternatives. In addition, you can burn calories by working out in the ship’s gym, using the stairs instead of the elevators, and doing physical activities like biking and hiking in port. If you’re cruising with CroisiEurope, you will also find a gym located on all of the ships’ sundecks.

Many assumptions people have about cruising can be wrong, and several questions cruisers ponder can go unanswered. With a little bit of research, your concerns will be cleared and you will be ready to pack!

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