Red mullet fillet recipe

Posted by Jocelyne on 10/25/2016

The CroisiEurope river cruise company serves great food on all of its boats. With head chef Alain Bohn, a team of passionate culinary artists have the pleasure to share with you some of their secrets. Without further ado, let's discover one of the tastiest red mullet recipes.


Serves 6

Red mullet fillet
Jasmin flavored rice
Steamed vegetables with ginger and lemon flavoring
6 red mullet fillets
100 gr Thai Jasmin rice
5gr green Jasmin tea
1 lime
100 gr carrots
200 gr celeriac
100 gr daikon radish
100 gr zucchinis
1 red onion
10 gr butter
1 liter of chicken stock
1 lemongrass
50 gr ginger


Prepare some chicken stock and flavor it with the fresh ginger and lemongrass.
Pour the mixture through a conical strainer the mixture and adjust the seasoning.
Keep the mixture warm.

Cut the carrots, celeriac, zucchinis and daikon radish into Julienne strips.
Cook the Julienne vegetables and keep warm.

Prepare some Jasmine tea. Cook the rice and soak it in Jasmin tea.
Cut the red mullet fillets lengthways and open them.
Stuff the fillets with the cooked rice and create little parcels with cling film.
Steam cook for about 3 minutes.

Plate presentation

Place the julienne vegetables in a bowl, and place the daikon radish Julienne on top.
Cut the red mullet fillets in two diagonally and place the pieces on the julienne vegetables.
Pour over the chicken stock for flavoring.
Decorate the plate and serve.