Rhine Valley castle cruise: what to see

Posted by Jocelyne on 09/30/2016

Germany is a popular European destination and highly recommended on a river cruise. Famous for being “the land of poets and thinkers”, it boasts more cultural activities and places than any other country, including a large number of very well maintained cultural landmarks. The once congregation of small kingdoms, duchies is great place to explore castles in all sorts of styles and dating back from all ages. Let’s catch a glimpse of some of the German castles to explore on a Rhine cruise!

The Rhine Valley castles

Germany boasts a rich historic and architectural heritage. The Rhine Valley is an ever-changing valley amidst vines, fortified castles, rocky ridges and forests. A great river of legend, the Rhine is also most famous for its Lorelei Rock. Sailing from Ruedesheim all the way to Koblenz, catch a glimpse of the Pfalz Fortress on Rhine River at Kaub with vineyards and the Gutenfels Castle in background
. You can also discover the Sooneck Castle, the Rheinstein Castle, the Pfalzgrafenstein Toll Station
toll station pfalzgrafenstein and castle guten fels, and near the Lorelei rock, the Katz (Cat) Castle, the Maus (Mouse) Castle, and the Rheinfels Fortress among just under 30 castles all along the Rhine river.

Cochem and its magnificient castle

Discover he charming village of Cochem, the pearl of the Moselle. This former village was linked to the town of Cochem by the Moselle bridge in 1927. As you cross this bridge, you will be able to spot, on the hilltop, the Imperial Cochem Castle, the Reichsburg, dating from 900. Have a tour of the  magnificent castle dating from the year 1000, which was destroyed by French troops in the 17th century and entirely rebuilt according to old plans in a Neo-Gothic style. The town of Cochem is well worth a visit too, with its narrow winding streets, its carefully restored half-timbered houses with their slate roofs, the Town Hall square with its history filled past, as well as ancient walls, gates and churches.

Heidelberg Castle

Pay a visit to the Heidelberg Castle, where you’ll be able to see the Renaissance ruins and parts of its restoration. The castle has a history that dates almost as far back as the city itself. From either the Great Terrace or the gardens, enjoy amazing view of Heidelberg, the Neckar River, and the valley. Don’t miss seeing the Heidelberg Tun. Built in 1751 by Prince Elector Karl Theodor, it housed the wine paid as taxes by the wine growers in the region.

Thurant Castle

Thurant Castle is located in the Moselle valley, not far from the city of Koblenz. Symbol of this region, the fortified castle is one of the oldest in the Moselle region. It was built on the site of a Roman fort in 1197 by the brother of King Otto VI, Count Palatine Henry who built it on his return from the Crusades. From 1246 to 1248, the castle was besieged by the archdiocese of Cologne and Trier, following this it was divided into two parts separated by a wall. During the War of the Palatine Succession (1688-1697) most parts of the castle were destroyed by French troops. The castle was rebuilt in the 20th century. The terrace offers an unforgettable view of the Moselle.

Hiking the appolloweg in Cochem 

Last but not least, hike on the Appolloweg trail and enjoy the beautiful countryside in the Moselle region. You’ll encounter gorgeous views and enchanting castles in the middle of a wild natural reserve: Cochem Castle (Reichsburg), the Winneburg ruins, and Pinner Kruez jutting from steep cliffs where humans have been cultivating vineyards for centuries.

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