Visiting Bordeaux in France: follow the guide

Posted by Alice Picco on 03/04/2016

This week, we are taking you to Bordeaux, on a river cruise in the region of Aquitaine in South West France. More precisely, you’ll discover the area of Gironde, which is also the name of a river along which CroisiEurope sails, as well as the Garonne and the Gironde Estuary. But that’s enough geography; let’s discover what Bordeaux has in store for us, in one of the most beautiful wine countries in France!

Taste Bordeaux Wines and local delicacies

Bordeaux is simply heaven for food lovers! A wine country par excellence with a worldwide reputation, Bordeaux has an exceptional climate, ideal for wine growing, such as the Médoc area. The variety of colors, tastes and flavors is what makes the Aquitaine region special, and can be discovered on a Gironde and Garonne river cruise. Red wine is often what springs to mind when thinking of Bordeaux, but it is also known for its white wine and rosé. Some towns in the Bordeaux region are specifically known for their many wine estates, such as Saint-Emilion. Make the most of your tour of the Bordeaux region by paying a visit to wine estates, and sampling the fruit of their vineyards, which can be admired sailing along on a Garonne and Gironde river cruise. A visit to the Bordeaux region also includes a tour of the famous castles such as Lafite Rothschild, Latour and Mouton Rothschild, immaculate estates that take us back in time.


Bordeaux is also a land of culinary delicacies. A three course meal would typically start with Arcachon Bay oysters, or very French Snails Caudéran, followed by beef fillet with duck foie gras, Sole fish. As dessert, why not taste Bordeaux cannelés, sweet caramel crusted cakes? The latter can be found in any local boulangerie, so typically French, you will definitely many of them in any French town!


Why should you go to Bordeaux?

Bordeaux is also known as France’s “Sleeping Beauty”, the city’s greatest and historic buildings used to have their walls turning black due to pollution, and because of its power to make its visitors feel relaxed. However, Bordeaux is also a lively city with a vibrant cultural life, and is known as “Le Petit Paris”, “The Small Paris”. Ranked as the second most recommended place to visit in 2016 by the New York Times, why not make Bordeaux your next city trip, arriving on a river cruise to enjoy the city and its surrounding treasures to the full?


Bordeaux is home to some of the most stunning architectural heritage in France and sits at the forefront of culture. It is no surprise that Bordeaux ranks amongst France's favorite cities for quality of life, studying and working.

The city lay at the heart of a regeneration program, which concentrated on the most stunning features of Bordeaux: the famous Place de la Bourse and its fountain that covers the tiled square mirroring the building surrounding it; a jewel of architecture, the famous Pont de Pierre bridge on the Garonne River, made of 17 arches; and the canals, an ideal place for a stroll to discover Bordeaux's lively and varied landscape, all the way to the Port de la Lune.


Make Bordeaux your next holiday destination! Find out more about CroisiEurope’s Bordeaux River Cruises and France River cruises.


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