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The Wonders of the Red Sea, Egypt, and Jordan with a Passage through the Suez Canal (port-to-port cruise)

10 Days - SSX_PP
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10-Day/9-Night Cruise and Tour

April 9 to 18, 2021


Croisi +
All inclusive on board


  • All meals included - DRINKS INCLUDED with meals and at the bar
  • Refined French cuisine - Gala dinner and evening - Welcome cocktail
  • Free Wi-Fi in lounge and bar
  • Headsets are included for excursions
  • Official welcome from the captain and crew
  • Onboard activities
  • Travel assistance and repatriation insurance
  • All port fees included


    • Petra, the “Rose City” of Jordan
    • The Wadi Rum desert
    • Luxor and the Valley of the Kings
    • Cairo and its Museum of Egyptian Antiquities
    • East meets West in Alexandria
  • 2-day/1-night stay in Cairo, walking in the footsteps of the Pharaohs
    • Accommodations at a five-star hotel


Day 1


Passengers are welcome to board our ship at 6 p.m. After comfortably settling into your cabins, we’ll introduce our crew at a welcome cocktail. Our ship will cruise to Aqaba overnight.

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Day 2


Join us for a full-day excursion to Petra (lunch included; approx. 4 hours round trip). Petra is unquestionably one of the greatest marvels ever sculpted by Mother Nature and enhanced by humankind and is considered to be one of Jordan’s national treasures. Carved into the pink and red stone by the Nabataeans—an Arab people living in Jordan over 2,000 years ago—Petra, meaning “rock” in Greek, was strategically located at the junction of the silk and spice trade routes. To enter the city, we will follow the “siq,” a narrow gorge approximately a half mile in length, delimited by sharp cliffs on either side—ending at Al Khazneh, as known as “The Treasury.” This tomb of a Nabataean has an impressive Hellenistic facade that was carved directly into the pink stone at the beginning of the 1st century. It is a masterpiece of refinement and symmetry which, on its own, makes a visit to Petra worthwhile. You will also discover the Roman-style Nabataean theater carved into the rock over 2,000 years ago. We’ll enjoy lunch in a local restaurant before returning the ship in Aqaba.

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Day 3


Join us for an excursion this morning to the Wadi Rum desert (lunch included). Alongside Petra, it is one of Jordan’s must-see sites. We’ll stop for many photo ops as we make our way on 4-wheel drive vehicles, allowing you to discover the desert made famous by Lawrence of Arabia. You’ll be dazzled by the spectacular colors of the barren lands, seeing them change according to the radiance of the sunlight as the day progresses. The Bedouins that inhabit the Wadi Rum are well known for their hospitality. Under their tent, you’ll be invited to enjoy tea and delicious specialties of their local cuisine.

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Day 4


We’ll leave for a full-day excursion to Thebes, the ancient capital of the Pharaohs. You’ll discover Luxor and the Valley of the Kings (lunch included - driving time is approximately 7 hours round trip). We’ll begin the tour with the Valley of the Kings, one of ancient Egypt’s top tourist destinations.  The cliffs and valleys are home to rock-cut tombs spanning 500 years. It was here, in this setting, that the Pharaohs awaited immortality in their sarcophagi. Our tour includes a visit to three of the over 60 tombs. Farther along, dominating the eastern bank, sits the 59-foot high (18 m) Colossi of Memnon—faceless effigies seated on a throne that are the ruins of the entrance to the mortuary temple of Amenhotep III. After lunch in a local restaurant, we’ll visit the Karnak Temple Complex. Connected to Luxor by a corridor of ram-headed sphinxes, this grandiose site, dedicated to the god Amun, was expanded continuously for 1,500 years. At the heart of this site stands the colossal Precinct of Amun-Re, enclosing a sacred lake that was used by priests in a purification ceremony before performing rituals in the temple. An important place of worship, the location contains the Great Hypostyle Hall, a spectacular forest of gigantic columns. This historically significant complex is breathtakingly beautiful.

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Day 5

At sea

We’ll spend the day cruising on the Red Sea. Take advantage of the wide range of onboard activities proposed during our full-day cruise today.

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Day 6

SUEZ - Cairo

We’ll leave for a day-long excursion to Cairo (lunch included). We’ll visit the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Cairo, which houses over 120,000 artifacts representing 5,000 years of Egyptian culture. This is a great opportunity to see the world’s most extensive collection of Egyptian antiques, including pieces of the Treasure of Tutankhamun. The afternoon will be dedicated to touring Coptic Cairo, a former Christian stronghold in the city. The sites we’ll visit include the Saints Sergius and Bacchus Church, one of the oldest Coptic churches in the region.

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Day 7

SUEZ - Suez Canal

Our ship will cast off to cross the Suez Canal. Measuring 20 miles long (193  km) and only 673 feet wide (205 m ), this canal allows for the strategic passage from the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea without having to make the long journey around the southern tip of Africa. These incredible structures were achieved between 1859 and 1869 under the guidance of Ferdinand de Lesseps—well after Darius, the Persian conqueror of Egypt, had completed an initial version of the canal. After we cross the canal, we’ll continue on to Alexandria.

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Day 8


Alexandria was founded in 331 BC by Alexander the Great. At its greatest, it rivaled Rome and was home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Lighthouse of Alexandria. This morning, we’ll visit the Alexandria National Museum, a great place to learn about the city’s diverse past. The museum collection includes artifacts from the pharaohs, the Greco-Roman era, and the Byzantine, Islamic, and modern periods.   Our next stop will be the Roman amphitheater, the only one of its kind in Egypt. Uncovered by accident in 1960, the structure dates back to the 2nd century AD.  The semi-circular, open-air theater had a capacity of 600 spectators, with an audience section of 13 white-marble rows and red granite columns imported from the city of Aswan.

In the afternoon, we’ll have a guided tour of the  Bibliotheca Alexandrina and the Montazah Palace Gardens. The Bibliotheca Alexandrina commemorates the Great Library of Alexandria and aims to be a center of cultural and scientific excellence in the Mediterranean Region. We’ll then visit the loveliest green space in the city: The Montazah Palace Gardens. The lush gardens are a great place to take a stroll and admire the 19th-century palace and grounds.

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Day 9


You will disembark from the ship and be transferred to Cairo. We’ll have lunch in a local restaurant. Join us for a tour this afternoon by walking in the footsteps of the Pharaohs.  The Giza pyramid complex is home to one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: The “Great Pyramid of Giza.”  At its sides sit the Pyramids of Khafre and Menkaure, as well as the Great Sphinx of Giza. We’ll continue on the royal necropolis of Dahshur, which contains some of the oldest and best-preserved pyramids in the country. The Bent, Red, and Black Pyramids all vary in design and demonstrate how the grand scope of pyramid building changed throughout the ages.   Our next stop will be Saqqara, a huge area that served as the burial ground for Egypt’s ancient capital, Memphis. This archaeological site contains several royal tombs, including well-known monuments such as the Step Pyramid in Zoser’s funerary complex. We’ll return to Cairo and check into a 5-star hotel. After dinner, enjoy a free evening to do as you please.

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Day 10


Breakfast will be served at the hotel. End of our services.

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  • Child discount (2-9 years) : - 20%
Included :
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Your cruise in the cabin category of your choice - all meals - drinks with your meals and at the onboard bar (not including our special wine and drinks list) - excursions mentioned in the program - lunch in a restaurant on Day 9 - accommodations at a 5-star hotel in Cairo with all meals included on Day 9 and Day 10 - emergency/repatriation insurance - all port fees.

Visa for Egypt delivered on arrival - drinks from our special wine list or drinks ordered during excursions or transfers - cancellation and baggage insurance - transfers.

Shore Excursions

Full-day excursion to Petra

Join us for a full-day excursion to Petra (lunch included; approx. 10 hours total, incl. 4 hours round trip). Petra is unquestionably one of the greatest marvels ever erected by Man and Nature and is considered to be one of Jordan’s national tr...

Duration 10h00 Classic
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Luxor and the Valley of the Kings

We’ll leave for a full-day excursion to Thebes, the ancient capital of the Pharaohs: You’ll discover Luxor and the Valley of the Kings (lunch included - driving time is approximately 7 hours round trip). The Valley of the Kings is one of...

Duration 15h00 Classic
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Full-day excursion to the Wadi Rum desert

Join us for a full-day excursion in the Wadi Rum desert (lunch included). Alongside Petra, it is one of Jordan’s must-see sites. We’ll stop for many photo ops as we make our way by Jeep, allowing you to discover the desert made famous by...

Duration 6h30 Classic
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The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities and Coptic Cairo

We’ll leave by coach for Cairo, where we’ll begin our excursion at the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, home to 120,000 items, including the world’s most extensive collection of Pharaonic relics. We’ll enjoy lunch in a local re...

Duration 12h00 Classic
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Alexandria, Its National Museum and Amphitheater

Alexandria, the largest port in Egypt and one of the Mediterranean’s leading seaside resorts, sits on the northwest bank of the Nile River delta. The city was founded by Alexander the Great in 332 BC. Today, it is a major seaport and industrial...

Duration h00 Classic
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Bibliotheca Alexandrina and the Montazah Palace Gardens

To begin this excursion, we’ll set out by coach along the Midan Tahrir to see the Muhammed Ali Pasha monument, dedicated to the founder of modern Egypt. We’ll also pass by the Alexandria Naval Unknown Soldier Memorial in the Manshaya Dist...

Duration h00 Classic
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Several ships available for this cruise

You will need an Egyptian visa in your passport, which must be valid for 6 months beyond your return date. For non-EU residents: Please consult the embassies or consulates of the countries to be visited.

Warning: Navigational obligations and weather conditions can disrupt the itinerary, and in certain cases, intermediate stops may be canceled. If this happens, CroisiEurope will do our best to find the best solution according to passenger expectations. For safety reasons, the company and/or the captain of the ship are the only authorities who can modify the cruise itinerary.

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Alcohol can be dangerous to your health. Please drink in moderation.

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