CroisiEurope is aware of the worldwide Coronavirus epidemic and has made our employees’ and customers’ health our priority. To offer optimal travel conditions to our customers, CroisiEurope commits to observing and applying the following measures:


  • Use of disinfectants will be intensified in the kitchen
  • Fruits and vegetables will be washed with white vinegar
  • Merchandise will be disinfected after it is delivered
  • Kitchen managers will increase hygiene checks.


  • An increase in the cleaning of customer areas:
  • Daily spraying of Baccide (disinfectant spray similar to those used on airplanes) in cabins, restaurants, hallways, and the lounge
  • Daily disinfection of all door handles
  • Daily disinfection of automatic door openers
  • Daily disinfection of chair armrests in the lounge, small bar, and restaurant
  • Daily disinfection of the reception desk and bar during the day
  • Outside subcontractors (guides, lecturers, etc.) must wash their hands when arriving on the ship.


  • Daily disinfection of the guardrail on the Sun Deck
  • Daily disinfection of the gangway handrails
  • Daily disinfection of the passageways
  • Daily disinfection of the external digicode pad
  • Daily disinfection of the chair armrests on the Sun Deck
  • Daily disinfection of the external stair handrails.


Each crew member will answer a questionnaire before boarding the ship to check where they are coming from and to prohibit boarding for those who have traveled in high-risk zones. These high-risk zones are updated by the French government daily. CroisiEurope will consult these updates every day.

The personnel on all our ships will be reminded of the current hygiene regulations and those the French government communicates in the future:

  • Person-to-person greetings are prohibited (hugging, kissing, shaking hands)
  • Hands must be washed several times per day with soap and water or with hydro-alcoholic products
  • Cough or sneeze into the elbow and not the hand
  • Throw paper tissues into the trash bin and wash hands
  • Avoid off-ship recreational outings during the epidemic.


  • Each ship has an infrared thermometer if a crew member or passenger has a doubt
  • Hydro-alcoholic products will be available in the ship restaurant, entryway, and cabins
  • Masks and gloves are available if there is a suspicion of a case of the virus
  • An ANIOSPRAY kit (quick-dry surface disinfectant product) is available on all the ships.


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