Published on :   07/18/2023

Where and when to cruise in 2024 ?

While there are still cruises with great special offers for late summer and fall, we know you are starting to think about your 2024 cruise vacations. In this article we are excited to share what’s new for later this year and 2024. We will provide destination ideas and tips to help select the best cruise for you. 

Choosing the right season for your cruise

Before choosing a destination, you'll need to decide on the time of year that suits you best. Each season has its own characteristics.


Take a cruise in winter to enjoy the milder climate and quieter tourist traffic of Southern Europe.

Opt for the peak river cruise season, from March to October, for a wide choice of destinations throughout Europe, and enjoy the summer sun.

Discover the world by setting off in autumn or late winter for far-flung, more exotic destinations.

(Re)discover France all year round through the new trend of "Slow Tourism".

Gentle winter cruising in 2023 and 2024

In winter, most river boats remain docked to prepare for the high season. However, some maritime boats, such as La Belle de l'Adriatique or La Belle des Océans, sail all year round, offering exceptional fall and winter voyages.

A Cruise in Southern Italy

For the end of 2023, we're offering two brand-new itineraries in Southern Italy aboard La Belle de l'Adriatique. Departing from Naples or Sicily, these cruises will take you to some of Italy's most beautiful cities, allowing you to visit historic sites such as Pompeii, Herculaneum, the Aeolian Islands, Catania, Syracuse and Valletta (Malta).

SouthERN Italy Cruises

Winter 2024 Canary Islands Cruise

At the start of 2024, come aboard the Belle des Océans for an 8-day cruise to discover the Canary archipelago. Under a mild winter sun, with temperatures hovering around 78°F (20°C), you'll be able to visit 6 of the archipelago's islands, departing from Lanzarote or Tenerife.

Canary CruiSES

Red Sea Cruises for Winter 2024

Finally, another atypical destination for winter 2024 is the Red Sea, between Egypt and Jordan. Aboard La Belle de l'Adriatique, this cruise will take you to the cradle of civilization and of the three great monotheistic religions, with a particularly pleasant climate for this region of the globe at this time of the year. Petra, the Wadi Rum desert, Luxor, Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh await you for a fascinating voyage you’ll never forget.

Red sea cruises

Full river cruises season in 2024

The river cruise season begins in March and continues until the end of October. During this time of year, all destinations are possible, whether in spring and autumn to take advantage of milder weather, or in summer for sunny cruises.

Our sunny cruises in 2024

Cruising the Douro in 2024

The Douro River, located between Portugal and Spain, has become a must-see river cruising destination, offering one of the finest experiences in Southern Europe. Departing from Porto or Lisbon, this cruise will take you through authentic, unspoilt, natural landscapes. Surrounded by vineyards, you'll cruise a wild river aboard one of our 6 human-sized boats.

Douro river cruises

MS Fernao de Magalhaes sailing on the Douro

Cruising Andalusia in 2024

In a different spirit, but still sunny atmosphere, our cruises in southern Spain will take you to the heart of Andalusia and the Algarve. Departing from Seville, these cruises between river and sea are both festive and cultural, allowing you to visit a fascinating historical and artistic heritage, unique in the world. Aboard La Belle de Cadix, you'll be choosing a summer destination par excellence.

andalusia cruises

Classic river cruises in Europe in 2024

Cruising the Rhine in 2024

The first must-do river cruise destination is the Rhine. Europe's busiest river is navigable from Basel to its mouth. If you choose to cruise the Rhine with CroisiEurope in 2024, you'll visit many fascinating cities, including Strasbourg, Cologne, Mainz, Koblenz and many more. Nowadays, the Rhine remains one of the top destinations in our catalog.

rhine river cruises

Cruising the Danube in 2024

Another top destination to cruise in 2024 is the Danube River. If you've never cruised this river, why not discover it next year? Taking in Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava and even the river delta on the Black Sea, a cruise on the Danube will give you a new perspective on Central and Eastern Europe. Our Danube cruises, lasting from 5 to 13 days, offer a variety of possibilities combining culture, gastronomy and relaxation.

Danube river Cruises

France on a cruise in 2024

When it comes to river cruise, you just cannot go wrong by choosing France. Discover this country through its various rivers: the Loire from Nantes, the Seine from Paris, the Rhône and Saône from Lyon, or the Garonne from Bordeaux.

An exotic, far-flung cruise in 2024

Among our various destinations, the Mekong and Southern Africa stand out for their distance from France. Thousands of miles away, these cruises offer a real change of scenery through breathtaking landscapes.

These trips, lasting from 9 to 17 days, require advance planning and careful consideration. So now is the perfect time to book your next long-distance cruise.

Mekong river Cruise in 2024

Our cruises along the Mekong, between Vietnam and Cambodia, offer you the opportunity to discover Southeast Asia, with its colonial history, unspoilt nature and the remains of an ancient civilization. Aboard our comfortable, top-of-the-range boats, the RV Indochine or RV Indochine II, visit the emblematic temples of Angkor, historic towns steeped in the French colonial presence and the wonders of Ha Long Bay.

Mekong river cruises

Boat with a profile view

A Safari-Cruise in 2024

Another far-off destination inspiration for 2024 is Southern Africa. Available all year round thanks to its mild climate, opt now for the trip of a lifetime. Between South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe or Namibia, between safari cruises, 4x4 safaris, private plane flights and luxury lodges, this experience at the edge of the world will remain etched in your memories forever.

Safari cruises

A barge cruise in 2024

Whether it's a new trend or a simple return to the origins of travel, slow tourism is stronger than ever. With CroisiEurope, a barge cruise is the ideal way to (re)discover small French towns and villages at a slow pace.


Aboard one of our six barges, with a maximum capacity of 22 passengers, this intimate voyage will take you on a journey of discovery through France's magnificent regions, far from the crowds, tourists and noise.


Explore the Oise valley from Pont-l'Évêque to Bougival, sail through the heart of Alsace, discover Provence between Arles and Sète, or enjoy the beautiful Doubs valley in Burgundy. Our destinations allow you to visit France at the pace of life in traditional and small French villages.


By booking your 2024 cruise now, you can secure one of our coveted cabins, which are usually fully booked several months before departure.

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