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Purpose of Terms of Use

The purpose of these Terms of Use, hereinafter referred to as “ToU,” is to define the rules for CroisiEurope’s website, hereinafter referred to as the “Website,” published online by Alsace croisières – Croisieurope SAS

By accessing the site as a User, you unconditionally accept the ToU below. At each visit to the Website, Users commit to complying with these ToU, which apply to all of the services proposed on the Website.

The Publisher reserves the right to modify these ToU at any time and without notifying Users. It is highly recommended that Users regularly refer to the latest version of the ToU available at this link:

The Legal Notices can be changed at any time. Nevertheless, they are binding for Users, who should read them as often as possible in order to be familiar with them.

Alsace Croisières - CroisiEurope SAS

Headquarters: 12, rue de la Division Leclerc– F-67000 STRASBOURG - FRANCE


Tel.: +33 (0)388764444

RC 76B 115

Registered at the Registry of Trade and Companies under number: 998 348 601 00043

French, simplified joint-stock company with a capital of €2,000,000

Registered at Atout France “Travel and Vacation Operators” under number IM067100025

VAT number : FR 95 998 348 601


Professional Liability Insurance Coverage with:

Garantie financière A.P.S.T. - 15 avenue Carnot - 75017 PARIS FRANCE | Tel.: +33 (0)144092535

Professional Liability Insurance: Allianz: Policy no. 56004456


Financial guarantor:

Association Professionnelle du Secteur du Tourisme

15 avenue Carnot– 75017 Paris FRANCE


Web hosting:


13 rue Hannah Arendt - 67200 STRASBOURG FRANCE

Web development:


11 rue Madeleine Reberioux - Parc des Forges - Le Terracotta

67200 STRASBOURG France


Responsible for publication:

Alsace Croisières SA

Headquarters: 12, rue de la Division Leclerc– F-67000 STRASBOURG - FRANCE


Declaration: CNIL DPO-114137

The information collected through this form will be subject to data processing for the sole use by CROISIEUROPE (see Privacy Policy).

In compliance with French data laws, you have the right to access the data that applies to you and alter it by contacting one of our agencies. We will not communicate to a third party any information that pertains to you, except if you give us the authorization to do so.

In the event of problems with processing your request, you can contact the designated Data Protection Officer (DPO):

CroisiEurope’s website is a direct access site.

To access and use the different reservation or online payment services, Users must create an account. 

To create an account, Users must have reached the age of legal majority and/or be able to enter into a contract legally and must accept these ToU unconditionally. An account for a legal entity can only be created by a competent natural person who is over the age of legal majority and who has the required authorization to bind or engage the legal entity.

Users will provide CroisiEurope with all the required personal information. By filling in the registration form, Users declare that they have provided exact, truthful, updated, and complete information to CroisiEurope about their identity and contact details. In particular, Users commit to providing one working email address that belongs to them. CroisiEurope reserves the right to suspend any account, for any serious and objective reason, if the information provided when the account was created is objectively false and has not been corrected by the User. The reason can only be divulged through prior request from the User and at CroisiEurope’s discretion.

If you do not comply with the obligatory rules of digital civility and good behavior, you could be held civilly and criminally liable for malicious writings and communications that could be judged illegal and penalized accordingly.


Users commit to creating only one Account that corresponds to their profile. Users are solely responsible for any use of their login information, user name (email address, etc.), and password. Users are the sole guarantors of their passwords and of all use of their accounts.


Users commit to regularly updating all the information pertinent to their profile so that the profile remains exact. In the event the User provides objectively false, inexact, outdated, or incomplete information, CroisiEurope will have the right to suspend or terminate the User Account and to refuse future access of the User to all or part of the Applications or possibly linked Website.  


Users commit to informing CroisiEurope immediately of any non-authorized use of their Account and any breach of privacy or security of their means of identification by filling out a form available through this email address:

•   Croisieurope :

In the event of problems with processing your request, you can contact the designated Data Protection Officer (DPO):

If CroisiEurope has legitimate reasons to believe that the security of the service has been violated or that it is being misused because of non-authorized use of the User’s means of identification, CroisiEurope could temporarily suspend the Account, especially to defend the integrity of the Website and its data, and when appropriate, demand the modification of the means of identification. 


Users are responsible for their use and especially in regards to the Chat Room. 

Accessing services

The Website gives Users free access to the following services:

-   Chat room

-   News articles

-   Special offers,etc.

Website access is free of charge from any location and to any User who has Internet access. Any fees required to access the service (computer equipment, software, Internet connection, etc.) shall be borne by the User.

The Website makes use of all the means available to ensure quality access to its services. As the obligation is due care, the Website does not guarantee the resulting quality.

Access to the services can be, at any time, interrupted, suspended, or modified without prior notice for maintenance or any other reason. No compensation can be claimed in this regard.

Terms of use for the CroisiEurope Chat Room

CroisiEurope has provided a means of expression that is open to everyone. You are invited to express yourself in accordance with the rights and opinions of others.

The data that you have provided to us about yourself will only be used to ensure the operation of the Website. Under no circumstances will this data be sent to third parties without prior authorization, except under legal requirement.

You have the right of access, right to modification, right to rectification, and right to erasure (Article 17 of the GDPR) of your data. You can, at any time, ask that your contributions to this chat room be deleted. Requests concerning the right of access, modification, and rectification must be sent by email, along with proof of your identity, to the following email address:

Contributions that you post in the chat room must be related to the purpose of the company’s business, focusing on travel.

The chat room is moderated after the fact; messages you post will appear immediately without any preliminary monitoring. It is your responsibility to make sure that your contributions do not cause harm to third parties and that they comply with current regulations. The moderators reserve the right to delete any contribution they deem inappropriate, against laws and regulations, against these Terms of Use, or that could harm any third party directly or indirectly.

Messages that are not in relation to the themes being discussed can be deleted without prior warning by the moderators. Contributions that contain the following will also be deleted, without prejudice to any disciplinary or legal actions:

1. Incitement of: Discrimination based on race, gender, religion; hatred; violence; racial hatred; or Holocaust denial

2. Incitement to commit infractions

3. Are contrary to public order and good moral standards

4. Praise crimes or offenses, in particular murder, rape, war crimes, and crimes against humanity

5. Contain injurious, defamatory, insulting, or rude elements

6. Are clearly harmful to third parties and, in particular, damage the honor or reputation of others

7. Are clearly linked to business interests or promotional purposes not applicable to the Website.

The use of a pseudonym does not make you anonymous. In compliance with current laws, technical service providers are required to store and pass along the connection data (log, date/time) to the competent legal authorities in order to pursue the perpetrator of an offense. Therefore, all necessary information will be stored for the scheduled legal period. It will be destroyed at the end of the legal storage period.

CroisiEurope reserves the right to exclude, temporarily or definitively, from the Website any person whose contributions are in contradiction to the terms stipulated in this document. The publishers of the Website can hand over to the police or legal authorities any items or documents posted in the chat room if they feel they are bound to inform the competent authorities or if the law obliges them to do so. 




Users are free to unsubscribe at any time using the dedicated unsubscribe Web page. If Users lose their password or experience issues when accessing their account, they can request the deletion of their account by contacting CroisiEurope through the following email:

CroisiEurope also reserves the right to close down, without prior notice, a User account for any objective and justified reason, by notifying the User in advance through any means (email or letter with acknowledgment of receipt), especially if the User has violated the applicable laws, particularly criminal laws, or those that protect the rights of others, or if the User’s behavior has harmed the interests of any third party, including CroisiEurope or any company with legal ties to the Publisher, or by the use of the Website by another User. CroisiEurope reserves the right to deactivate a User Account if the Account remains inactive for a period of one year or more. If the User dies, the Account will be deactivated if the appropriate Proof of Death documentation is provided.

Intellectual Property 

CroisiEurope is the exclusive owner of all the intellectual property rights for the structure and the content of the Website, except where specifically stated otherwise.


All or partial reproduction, representation, modification, publication, or adaptation of the Application elements, regardless of the means or procedures employed, is prohibited, except with prior written consent from CroisiEurope. These ToU do not entail the transfer of any intellectual property rights to the User regarding the structure as well as the contents of the Application and its Services. 


Any non-authorized use of the Website will be considered copyright infringement and will be prosecuted in accordance with the provisions in Articles L.335-2 et seq. of the French Intellectual Property Law. Users expressly agree that their use of the site will in no way infringe the rights of CroisiEurope.

Protection of personal data

CroisiEurope respects the privacy of Users and strictly complies with the current laws regarding the protection of privacy and individual rights. Please refer to our Privacy Policy on our Website under the Cookies and GDPR section.

Each User can exercise this right by writing to:  

CroisiEurope, 12 Rue de la Division Leclerc, 67000 Strasbourg - France


Hyperlinks and Cookies

Browsing the Website could cause the installation of cookies on User devices.

Please refer to the Cookies and GDPR section/Modify Cookie preferences.

CroisiEurope commits to making access, consultation, and use of the information and/or services on the site as secure as possible. The information and services are available 24/7 except in the case of force majeure, an event beyond CroisiEurope’s control, possible breakdowns, and maintenance needed for the Website to function properly.


Users declare they accept the characteristics and limits of the Internet and, in particular, acknowledge that: 

- They use the Website at their own risk

- The Website is accessible “as is” and according to availability

 - It is their responsibility to take all appropriate measures to protect their user data and software from possible viruses that could be circulating within the Website, the Information, or the Services

 - The technical performance of the Internet requires a processing time needed to respond, consult, check, and transfer the Information

Miscellaneous provisions

If one of the provisions in these ToU is declared null or inapplicable under a law or regulation or following a final court ruling, the provision will be deemed void, but the other provisions will remain valid. 


Applicable law

These ToU are subject in all respects to French law and French jurisdiction. Only French-language documents shall be legally binding.