Northern Europe river cruises

Sail along the rivers of Northern Europe with a blend of tradition and the modern..

Northern European cruise

Take a cruise in Northern Europe and let yourself be carried along the fresh waters of the Rhine, its many tributaries, the Elbe and many others.


River cruises departing from Basel or Strasbourg will take you to Amsterdam and its canals, after contemplating the splendid banks of the Romantic Rhine, all overlooked by immense and serene castles of bygone eras. The Rhine and its tributaries, the Moselle, the Main or the Neckar, will carry you between Switzerland, France and Germany, Belgium and Holland, for a peaceful journey among cities and villages as emblematic as they are authentic. 


Or sail on the Elbe and let yourself be carried from Germany to the Czech Republic. This unique trip in Northern Europe, aboard unique paddlewheel boats, offers you the opportunity to discover Berlin and Prague, two of the world's most grandiose capitals with a fascinating history and vibrant life. 


From Berlin, you can also leave for Denmark and cruise to the end of Northern Europe. 

Our cruises on the Havel, the Oder and the Baltic Sea are varied and full of fun! In addition to visiting the splendid capitals of Berlin and Copenhagen, you can also discover cities with unique architecture, such as Stralsund, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and admire the spectacular coastlines bordered by sandy beaches and limestone cliffs on the islands of Usedom and Rügen. Not forgetting the spectacular Niederfinow boat elevator, a rare curiosity, a true technological marvel and a monument of the German river heritage.


Finally, and for a trip that is as enchanting as it is unique, take the unprecedented opportunity of a trip on board the Glacier Express. This cruise between France, Germany and Switzerland is embellished by a trip aboard a train that is unique in the world with its imposing bay windows, to take its passengers to the most beautiful corners of the Swiss Alps, from panorama to panorama.