In the 2000s, Heading Through Europe and ... to the Sea

The company asserts its new European dimension by changing its trading name in 1997 to become CroisiEurope.

In 1999 Gérard Schmitter left the helm & running of the company to his four children.  Horizons were widened in favor of development of the North / South European axis. Italy was developed around the lagoon of Venice, Portugal was added with cruises on the Douro, Spain and Andalusia came on board and the Elbe River around Berlin were the first to be offered.

With audacity and always thinking to innovate, CroisiEurope built and commissioned in 2005 on the Guadalquivir, Spain one of the only river boats in the world that was sea navigable as well. This ship is able to reach Guadiana in Portugal with the result: CroisiEurope was going to sea!

And so we did…A similar innovation took place with the building of a 200-passenger 4-deck maritime vessel, built in Brussels in 2007. Its route is sailing the Adriatic Sea and exploring Croatia, in season. It is unique to the world and its technological feat demonstrates the expertise of CroisiEurope teams.

With the MS La Belle de l’Adriatique, a new sea route is emerging.