Activities and Entertainment

Many activities and entertainment are offered on board – and we encourage our guests to join in on the fun.


Before dinner, games and quizzes are hosted by our entertainers in the lounge bar.

On the sun deck, you can stroll alone, be with family or friends, sit comfortably in the sun loungers, or enjoy a drink while enjoying the passing landscapes. Want to keep fit? Gymnastics sessions are organized in the morning, and you can jog or walk the riverbanks during free time in port.


On some of our boats, in Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Mekong and Africa, the sun deck has a swimming pool.


The panoramic lounge bar, the library and the "pianorama-bar" (the latter 2 are available on some boats only), are refined and furnished with taste. It is nice place to spend quiet moments after returning from excursions for example.


Often, lectures on subjects related to the history and geography of the places visited, are offered in the lounge bar.


Some evenings, the dance floor of the lounge comes to life. Musical evenings, folk groups or singers, variety shows where the crew members reveal their hidden talents, are all chances to let loose after a day of touring!  And don’t forget the Gala evening – a farewell to your new friends. There’s no lack of fun to have on board, or memories to take with you!