What's the Dress Code on CroisiEurope cruises?

During the day, you will be more comfortable in a casual outfit.


We advise you to bring clothes that are not very wrinkled, or that can easily be transported after ironing at your house, because there are no ironing facilities on board our boats.


Remember to dress according to the weather, the season and the environment of your cruise: light suits and swimsuits for warm weather; sweater or jacket for cooler weather; sweatshirt, rain gear and small umbrella. It helps to check the weather shortly before departing home.


Do not forget to bring comfortable walking shoes in your suitcase. They will be very useful during tourist excursions!


Regarding dinners, cocktails and galas, guests tend to dress up a little more – like you would when dining in any nice restaurant. There are no strict guidelines, no requirements for suits or gowns.


Finally, on any excursion, when you visit places of worship, make sure to opt for an appropriate outfit, neither too light nor too undressed, so as not to be prohibited entry.