Excellent Value for Money

CroisiEurope, the market leader of river cruises in Europe, is the company that is one of the best in offering “quality to price” cruises in the industry.   


As a veteran ship owner, the company controls its fleet from the design & construction of its ships to the marketing of its cruises. It has all the in-house skills related to the profession of cruising. This cost optimization gives it a clear advantage over its competitors.

CroisiEurope can thus invest in the highest quality of its services. Its reputation is based on many assets and it regularly wins official awards in the world of cruising both in France and abroad:

  • A personalized welcome and service in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Our experienced crews are kind and attentive to your needs during your stay.
  • The gastronomy on board has been recognized for its quality and refinement and is a tribute to the tradition of French haute cuisine.
  • The design of our ships, their arrangement and decoration created by our interior designer, brings together the most beautiful materials and functional, harmonious elements to present a bright and refined environment.
  • Our ships are created for comfort with very well- equipped cabins, high quality beds, and impeccable cleanliness.
  • A reliable and safe fleet, certified by VERITAS, is regularly maintained and renovated.
  • The well-studied and prepared cruise routes, whatever the destination in Europe or the World, are carefully planned in advance to ensure smooth running, sites with cultural interest, and often “off the beaten path”.

The same rigor and the same professionalism characterizes all of our administrative services: sales, commercial management, purchasing, staff training ...

Being the best and doing everything possible to satisfy our customers, this is our long-term goal.