Exceptional Moments

Our frequent customers that sail with us from one river to another will tell you the CroisiEurope mainstay is the quality of our meals and is always maintained regardless of the ship and whatever chef is in the kitchen.

The balance of flavors, refinement, local touches, creativity ... these mark the style of the company throughout our fleet. Gastronomy is indeed one of our strengths and our passengers benefit from the "French touch" sought after by gourmets around the world.

CroisiEurope has chosen to entrust the orchestration of the menus to our Restaurant Director, Alain Bohn. He is the "Chef of all Chefs” aboard our boats. A true ambassador of French gastronomy and loyal collaborator of CroisiEurope for more than 25 years, he creates and re-invents each season’s menus that are served and prepared every day aboard every boat. He gives pride of place to fresh and seasonal products.

Alain Bohn is a proud member of the "Maîtres Cuisiniers de France" and "Chaîne des Rôtisseurs" associations.

In the intimate atmosphere of our canal barges, the chef will improvise and cook with local products from the areas visited.

In the summer on our canal barges, we often relax with delicious barbecues served on deck.

Finally, our cuisine can reach amazing peaks during our "Gourmet" and "Oenological" cruises with the help of, among others, the three-starred chef Marc Haeberlin and the "best sommelier in the world", Serge Dubs, who also participates in the selection of wines served as part of the "all inclusive" formula.