Far-Flung Destinations

From the beginning of the Autumn until the end of the winter, our cruises on faraway rivers allow you to enjoy sunshine and warmth whilst discovering some of the most beautiful and imposing sites and natural landscapes in the world.

The choices are vast! Discover Vietnam and Cambodia, cruise the Mekong aboard the Indochine or the brand-new Indochine II. Prolong your trip by opting for an extension to discover the imposing Halong Bay, the ancient temples at Angkor Wat, or even the Vietnamese capital Hanoi.

Our Southern African safari cruises will take you to South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Our sumptuous lodges will offer you an absolute luxury in the heart of savannah and African fauna, at the edge of the Zambezi. The African Dream, meanwhile, will allow you to sail on Lake Kariba, the largest man-made lake in the world, where nature has reclaimed the region and wild animals flock to the banks. Opt for an extension to explore Cape Town, South Africa, and finish this unique trip with a flight above Victoria Falls, the perfect cap on a journey to the ends of the world.