Stopovers and Excursions

How to book excursions on CroisiEurope cruises?

Our boats crisscross the most beautiful rivers of Europe and the world and make stopovers in world famous cities, picturesque villages, and the remarkable sites of these countries. Many are UNESCO World Heritage listed. To make these cruises exceptional moments, CroisiEurope’ s approach is to propose new destinations each year.


Our passengers have the choice of activity. Our All-Inclusive rates include the excursion package of your choice: Classic Excursions which feature walking tours, sightseeing visits, and museum visits – the “Must See” sites in each port. Discovery Excursions are a bit more active, off-beat, or unique – imagine cycling the canals of Amsterdam, a Urban Hike to the top of a Cathedral, or helicopter rides above the Loire Valley. These are great for adventurers, or guests who are returning for a second time to a favorite city.


Some customers may prefer to go alone to discover the cities, to absorb the atmosphere, but thanks to the maps/plans available on board will be able to find the more precious landmarks at each stopover.


On foot or by bus, alone or accompanied by our coordinators, in "classic excursions" or "disovery excursions"... CroisiEurope is at your side to satisfy your curiosity.


You will find more practical details and various forms of cruises and excursions in our chapter "Before booking" and then clicking on the tabs "Package stay on board" and "Stopovers and excursions".