Published on :   08/05/2019

Taking care of our environment

CroisiEurope’s longstanding environmental position focuses on nature as our most valuable asset.

We consider ourselves pioneers in our field, as our commitment to protecting the environment goes above and beyond our legal obligations. We are continually reflecting on how we can expand our green efforts.

After conclusive tests carried out on the Seine River with our partner AS Energy, our ships now use GTL fuel. Gas-to-Liquid fuels combust more uniformly and result in lower emissions.

Here are other environmental initiatives we would like to share with you : 

  • Installation of water-saving devices on our ships that reduce freshwater consumption by 35% and, as a consequence, the amount of wastewater produced.

  • Installation of on-board water fountains that filter public water and transform it into quality drinking water, saving 30 tons of plastic per year (water from the public network filtered and bottled on board, activated carbon filtration & UV treatment, addition of carbon dioxide for carbonated water).

  • Installation of wastewater evacuation systems on our entire fleet that are emptied into wastewater treatment facilities or urban sewer systems during ports of call.

  • Installation of a wastewater recipient connected directly to the city sewer system at the CroisiEurope dock.

  • All of our ship engines (Green Ship Label) respect the strictest European standards against pollution to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The latest onboard technology helps limit fuel consumption when cruising.
  • We have insulated the ventilation in our engine rooms to reduce noise pollution.
  • At ports, we systematically connect to power supply terminals (Powerlock connectors) whenever possible, and for our own docks, we are investing in these newer installations. In addition, most of our ships are equipped with energy-efficient electrical devices.
  • In winter, our ships are moored at river ports with electrical terminals that power the vessels, which helps reduce noise and pollution.
  • In Paris, we are providing excursions on electric buses that are quieter and pollute less, to everyone’s advantage.

  • For the replacement of bath towels, we are trying to raise our passengers’ awareness using written messages and announcements.
  • CroisiEurope follows the criteria outlined by Imprim’Vert in regards to environmentally friendly printing. All of the documents printed at our company is done so with vegetable-based inks on unbleached paper.

  • All of our waste is sorted and compacted on board before being recycled.
  • All food waste and biowaste are collected and converted into biogas by specialised companies.
  • Used engine oil is collected and transformed by onshore specialists.
  • We use biodegradable and environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  • Exterior paints contain no pollutants.
  • Plastic straws and cups have been replaced by biodegradable paper.
  • Our company is affiliated with E2F, Entreprises Fluviales de France which brings together players in our sector to orchestrate collective actions regarding the immense challenges that lie ahead.


  • Abandonment of the use of phytosanitary products for the maintenance of green spaces.
  • Reduction of mowing
  • Reduction of light pollution
  • Increase of the canopy (presence of trees)
  • Planting of local species (trees and shrubs)
  • Planting of rural hedges
  • Protection of wildlife
  • The fight against the feeding of wild animals
  • Creation of a waterhole


Five ships of the Rhine/Danube fleet (La Fayette, Victor Hugo, Gérard Schmitter, Symphonie and La Bohème) have already acquired the GREENAWARD* label.

By the end of the year, after a campaign to measure exhaust emissions, the entire fleet will be certified and will have obtained this quality label.

*voluntary certification program in the river sector since 2011 which promotes sustainable river transport worldwide in the field of quality, safety and environment.