Published on :   02/06/2023

Dear fellow cruisers,

This year, we are celebrating milestone anniversaries on two of our most popular Rivers. That is why over the next two editions of the Croisimag, we are highlighting these destinations with some great offers especially for you.

We'll, discover an exclusive opportunity this summer: an opera evening at the Arena in Verona, Italy!

Finally, make a coffee and take a leisurely read of our new blog article exploring the Sava River, one of the tributaries of the Danube.

Enjoy your reading, and we look forward to seeing you on board soon.

CroisiEurope celebrates two major anniversaries

in 2023!

In 2023 we are celebrating both our 30th year on the Danube River as well as our 10th year cruising in Bordeaux.

This is an opportunity for us to highlight these destinations and extend new anniversary offers just for you.

Since the early 2010s, we have been highlighting the richness and French heritage of the Bordeaux region. With the region's popularity, we decided to build and deicate a ship especially for navigating the rivers of this region. The result is the Cyrano de Bergerac, sailing exclusively for us on the Gironde, Garonne and Dordogne rivers.

From Bordeaux to Saint-Emilion, passing through Cussac-Fort-Médoc and up to Royan, all while discovering the wines and vineyards of the Bordeaux region, - the suggested itineraries magnify the richness of a region famous throughout the world. They will delight the gastronomy lovers and great wines afficionados. This is a real invitation to discover a prestigious terroir, ancient maritime cities and a renowned French art of living. A rich and authentic journey, off the beaten track, between land and sea.

To celebrate 10 years of sailing in the Gironde, we are pleased to offer you up to 30% discount on select cruises.


Stay tuned!

Next month, we will unveil our exclusive special programmes for our 30 years of sailing on the magnificent Danube!

Opera at the Arena of Verona

Limited number of seats

This summer, we offer you to take part in an exceptional event.

Performed in a historic and idyllic open-air setting, we offer you

the opportunity to attend a unique, original and free opera

evening at the Arena of Verona!

Embark on a journey along the Po River and the Canal Bianco,

from Venice to Mantua, for an exclusive itinerary in the heart

of the Italian regions and discover Italy and its Opera.

Monteverdi, Vivaldi, Rossini or Verdi, these names of composers resonate for everyone with "Opera" and "Italy". Italy is the cradle of this lyrical art and was born in the 17th century in Mantua, which still makes Italian the language of opera music today.

The Arena of Verona is an integral part of Italy's historical and architectural heritage. Built in 30 A.D., it is the best-preserved Roman amphitheater in the country and the third largest. Since 1913, thanks to its acoustics and remarkable setting, the Arena has been the venue for opera performances every summer as part of the Verona Festival.


Discover hidden gems along the Sava River

Would you like to travel off the beaten path?

Join us on a cruise along the Sava River to discover Serbia and historic Croatia. 

Less popular than coastal Croatia, the Sava River region is well worth a visit. Full of charm, folklore, culture and green, mountainous nature, it is less touristy than its neighbouring region, which makes this authentic trip even more enjoyable.  

The Sava River, a natural gem

It is in the shadow and is a tributary of the largest river of the world; however, the Sava has no reason to envy the Danube. Wealthy in its flora and fauna, the rainforests along its banks are home to rare species of birds and many mammals, while the wetlands and marshes near its mouth are perfect habitats for amphibians and reptiles. The river originates in the Julian Alps in Slovenia and flows into the Danube in Serbia, right in the heart of Belgrade. [...]


Our latest events

La Belle de l'Adriatique and the Cyrano de Bergerac in dry dock

Just like La Belle des Océans last month, La Belle de l'Adriatique and the Cyrano de Bergerac, also came out of the water for a makeover in Port Said, Egypt and in Bordeaux.

Tourism Fair in Madrid

A look back at the 2023 edition of the International Tourism Fair which took place in Madrid at the end of January. Better known as FITUR MADRID, it is the first annual event for tourism professionals.

This edition was full of sharing for our Spanish team!