Published on :   08/03/2023

Waterfalls and Cascades, a fascinating natural spectacle!



Among the most impressive natural wonders on our planet, waterfalls always offer a captivating scene, illustrating the beauty of nature. Real gems, the majestic cascades, their dizzying drops, and roaring waters captivate and amaze visitors from all over the world, providing a unique experience and awe-inspiring communion with nature.


Apart from the spectacle they offer, waterfalls play a crucial role in biodiversity and ecosystem maintenance.


Some of the world's most famous waterfalls, such as Niagara Falls in North America, Iguaçu Falls in South America, Victoria Falls in Africa and Krka Falls in Croatia, are must-see destinations for adventure-seeking travelers.


Of course, these natural sites are part of our excursions on various river and maritime itineraries, including remote ones. Here are three natural sites and waterfalls you can admire on a cruise aboard our small boats. 

1.      Victoria Falls, Southern Africa

Located on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe in Southern Africa, Victoria Falls is one of the world's most breathtaking and iconic natural gems. Majestic and with an impressive flow of water, they attract travelers from all over the world, offering them an unforgettable experience in which nature reveals all its splendor.


From a sheer cliff over 1,700 meters wide, the Zambezi plunges over 100 meters into the water. The roaring and impetuous water is accompanied by clouds of water vapor rising in the air, creating a permanent rainbow. The spectacle is breathtaking, immersing visitors in a world of natural beauty and unmatched grandeur.

Like all waterfalls and cascades, they foster a lush ecosystem and biodiversity with tropical forests and verdant meadows attracting a fauna of rare and endangered species.


Masterpiece sculpted by water over millennia, those cascades are a real treasure and a bucket-list destination. Come aboard the Zimbabwean Dream or the African Dream for a safari-cruise to the ends of the earth, an exceptional journey that will take you to Victoria Falls, where you can enjoy a helicopter ride to admire them from above. 


2.    Krka Falls, Croatia

Krka Falls, a natural paradise surrounded by lush vegetation, is a must-see site in Croatian Dalmatia. A masterpiece of nature nestled in the heart of the Krka National Park, these grandiose waterfalls on 17 banks were created on the Krka River, and are home to an extremely varied flora and fauna. They cascade one by one into crystal-clear basins on several successive benches, earning them a reputation for spectacular beauty that continues to fascinate and amaze nature lovers.


These waterfalls are an integral part of our programs, and it's from Sibenik, the port of call for our Croatia cruises aboard La Belle de l'Adriatique, that you can explore these dazzling cascades, waterfalls and sparkling lakes.



3.      Rhine Falls, a natural spectacle in the heart of Europe

Located on the border between Switzerland and Germany, the Rhine Falls are among the largest waterfalls and cascades in Europe. Their enchanting beauty offers visitors a remarkable experience amidst a breathtaking landscape. They are formed when the Rhine, after criss-crossing the Swiss mountains, encounters a rocky gorge. It then rushes down in a series of tumultuous cascades with impressive force, giving rise to a wild, natural splendor.



The beauty of the Rhine Falls has inspired numerous artists, poets and writers to capture the grandeur of this spectacle in their works.


A natural gem in the heart of Europe, let yourself be captivated by the splendor and picturesque beauty of these falls on our cruises along the Rhine.



These natural sites are impressive to behold and exude an energy that captivates visitors. The freshness of the air, the steamy mist and the deafening roar create a unique atmosphere that makes you feel very small in the face of nature's grandeur.