Volga (Russia)

A little history…

Born at the crossroads of East and West, Russia embodies both the duality and the synthesis of the two worlds. A diversity that is read on the faces, the facades, the steeples of the churches. It is personified by a double pole of civilization: Moscow and St. Petersburg, the two big rival cities.

Between Europe, the Far North, Siberia and the vast corridor of the Asian steppes, Russia has cultivated its position as a pivotal nation in the heart of Eurasia. There emerges the feeling of an inexhaustible cultural, intellectual and human wealth that the reality of a country in crisis can’t erase.

St. Petersburg, a city-palace, opens up its "window on Europe" by challenging Amsterdam. Moscow, guardian of the old national values, lets itself be won over by the fever of renovation, modernity, money. The result is a mix of Byzantium and New York!

This famous "eternal Russia", rich in surprises, strong images and colours, still deserves its reputation as portrayed in our children's books. Its architecture, often similar to the best illustrations of oriental tales, is immersed harmoniously in a landscape of plains, forests, lakes and waterways. The villages are of another age with centuries-old “isbas” , Russian log cabins and, above all, men and women, full of great dignity and profoundly frank.

A cruise on the rivers of Russia

To measure the size of Russia, nothing is more appropriate than a cruise on one of its rivers, as they match the size and vastness of this country. Three routes will allow you to visit the two flagship cities, Moscow, the typical Russian capital and St. Petersburg, the imperial city of Peter the Great. On the first, routes of the Slavic tribes you will discover the treasures of the Golden Ring and the wooden architecture of Karelia in Kiji. The route from Astrakhan goes up the course of the Volga from its source to the Caspian Sea at Moscow, as its last stage. You will enjoy a complete and fascinating look at the historical and religious foundations of what was the largest empire in the world, in a friendly atmosphere. Beyond the culture, it is also the daily life that you will be able to witness with its numerous contrasts between cities and countryside, sumptuous palaces and small traditional “isbas” Russian log cabins.