Published on :   07/06/2018

St. Petersburg and Moscow along the majestic Volga

Russia, from Moscow to St. Petersburg, through the princely cities of the Golden Ring and traditional villages: it's a shimmering, dazzling kaleidoscope, packed with Russian history, art and traditions, that CroisiEurope has in store for you.

CroisiEurope's Volga cruises were launched in 1998 and are the first long-distance destination created by the cruise company. The popularity of our Russian itineraries has never stopped growing. You can choose from 3 cruises, lasting 11 or 12 days. However, what really sets CroisiEurope's luxury option apart is the MS Rostropovitch, a 5-anchor, 4-deck ship. It is 135 meters long and has 106 spacious double cabins, with exclusive exterior-facing windows. As for excursions, choosing this ship gives you the opportunity to unique Russian sites.

Our passengers will explore Russia, its typical small towns and villages, as well as the magnificent architectural heritage and history of St.Petersburg and Moscow. You also will be delighted by our quality of service. All our cruises take you into the world of Russian history, culture, traditions, language, and food and delicacies. Dedicated tour guides, specialized conferences on Russia, multilingual crews, and audiphones for all visits are some of the major assets on all our far-flung destinations.

Here are some of the highlights of the excursions on offer:

St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg, an exceptional tour of the Church Built on an island of the delta of the Neva, St. Petersburg, the former imperial capital founded by Peter the Great, rolls out the red carpet for its visitors on the main avenue called Nevski Prospekt. Created by order of the Tsar in 1712, it is made up of a succession of chic boutiques, bars, monuments and remarkable churches. The must-see sites include Peterhof, the main summer residence of the Tsars with its park featuring a gigantic waterfall surrounded by 200 sculptures and 60 water springs; the Hermitage museum, located in the former Winter Palace of the Tsars, which is a UNESCO world heritage site; St. Catherine Palace and its amber room; and the fortress of St. Peter and Paul.



In Moscow, the passengers of the MS Rostropovitch are given a tour of the Serguey Possad site. All the cruises include visits to the most renowned sites in the Russian capital, including the Kremlin, the former residence of the Tsars, and Red Square, dominated by St. Basil's Cathedral.


In between both great cities, CroisiEurope's Volga cruises will also include stopovers in the popular village of Mandrogui, created to showcase authentic Russian crafts and the wooden isbas. The island of Kiji, in the heart of Karelia, is a gem of 18th century wooden architecture. A stopover in Goritsy is also included, to immerse you in the daily life of a typical Russian village. You will also pay a visit to a local school and a traditional house. For those who wish to, it is also possible to visit the Monastery.

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