Published on :   12/05/2023

5 reasons to set sail for Greece!

Sail the ancient seas and awaken your senses with a Spring Cruise to Greece!

From March 2024, explore the past, live the present and embark on an unforgettable adventure to the heart of ancient Greece, where spring awakens the eternal beauty of this Mediterranean jewel. Our exclusive cruise takes you to iconic destinations around the Peloponnese region, offering an authentic experience far from overtourism and summer crowds, all while enjoying a pleasant climate without the scorching summer sun.

Athens, City of the Gods:


Explore the splendor of antiquity on this cruise's first stop in the Greek capital: Athens, cradle of Western civilization and birthplace of democracy, the arts and philosophy. Walk in the footsteps of the greatest philosophers and artists and discover the many wonders the city has to offer.

It's impossible not to think of the Acropolis when you think of Athens. An emblem of ancient Greece, it is majestically crowned by the Parthenon and dominates the cityscape with its architectural and cultural grandeur, recalling millennia of history from all four corners of the city. The ancient ruins of the Theater of Dionysus, the Temple of Hephaestus and the ancient Agora are witnesses and relics of the past, transporting visitors back in time to the golden age of classical Greece. The Acropolis Museum, with its precious archaeological relics, completes this immersive experience.


Athens also offers a lively contemporary atmosphere in the heart of historic districts such as Plaka and Monastiraki, with their picturesque alleyways, artisanal stores and traditional tavernas. Athens, with its harmonious blend of past and present, promises a rich cultural adventure for any traveler with a passion for history and discovery.

Sparta and Mystras, Exploring Ancient Treasures:


Mystras and Sparta, two mythical destinations in Greece's Peloponnese, offer a fascinating journey through the history and cultural wealth of the region, with its majestic temples, ancient amphitheaters and fascinating archaeological sites. Mystras, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a spectacular medieval city nestled on the slopes of Mount Taygetos. Founded in the 13th century, it was once the seat of the principality of Achaia. Today, this wonderful stopover invites visitors to wander its cobbled streets, explore its palaces, churches and fortresses, and contemplate the remarkable frescoes that tell the story of the Byzantine era.

Nearby, Sparta evokes the legendary military might and discipline of the ancient Spartans. The archaeological remains of the ancient city, such as the Theater of Sparta and the ruins of the Temple of Artemis Orthia, allow visitors to step back in time and imagine life in this renowned military city. Local museums display fascinating artifacts, offering a detailed insight into Spartan society.


These two complementary sites offer a captivating contrast between the medieval grandeur of Mystras and the ancient austerity of Sparta, creating an immersive travel experience for those wishing to delve into the fascinating relics of Greek history.

Olympia, birthplace of the Olympic Games:


A must on any Greek cruise, Olympia is the birthplace of the Olympic Games and a UNESCO World Heritage Site


Nestling between Mount Cronion and the Alpheus River, Olympia was once considered a religious center dedicated to Zeus, king of the gods. In the heart of Olympia, you'll find the impressive remains of the Temple of Zeus, built in 470 BC. At the time, the temple was over 60 meters long and housed the famous chryselephantine statue of the King of the Gods, considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, but tragically destroyed by fire in 475 AD, along with many other statues.

Olympia is also home to the incredible Temple of Hera, in front of which stands the altar still used today to light the Olympic flame. In this sanctuary, you'll find the many remains of the sports facilities of the first Olympic Games, which took place here almost 3,000 years ago.

Meteora, a natural masterpiece:


From the moment you arrive in Kalambaka, the view is astonishing. Suspended between heaven and earth, the Meteora monasteries built atop rocky peaks defy the laws of weightlessness and offer an extraordinary spectacle of nature and spirituality.

These imposing limestone rock formations emerging from the Thessalian plain, sculpted over the centuries by geological forces, create an unreal, almost mystical landscape and serve as pedestals for these edifices perched at dizzying heights. Six in number, they date back to the 14th century and are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Much more than a remarkable natural site, they represent a place of spiritual contemplation, and have attracted hermits and monks in search of isolation for centuries. They take their name from Greek mythology, according to which these rocks were sent from heaven to earth to enable ascetics to isolate themselves and pray.

Accessible by steep staircases cut into the rock, each monastery has its own unique history and exceptional religious frescoes that bear witness to the spiritual fervor of the medieval era. 

La Belle de l'Adriatique, sail in comfort:

Aboard our ship, the embodiment of elegance and refinement, enjoy an unparalleled cruising experience. Thanks to its intimate size (197 passengers), La Belle de l'Adriatique can access exclusive ports, offering an authentic experience with unique ports of call. Featuring spacious, elegantly appointed cabins, this ship offers a haven of peace with a sea view for every passenger. Communal areas such as the pianorama bar and restaurant offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere, while the Sun Deck is an invitation to relax. With attentive service and refined cuisine, savor delicious dishes inspired by the region and let yourself be pampered by our crew. Our ship promises you an unforgettable cruise combining comfort and adventure along the Greek coast.

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