European River Cruises

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To make each cruise a unique moment, an unforgettable experience, a precious memory. To share the most beautiful rivers and seas of the world with over 200,000 passengers. Dream the world, and discover its riches through authentic and spectacular itineraries, in a friendly atmosphere aboard magnificent, intimate ships. This is the dream of CroisiEurope, its trademark, its DNA.


CroisiEurope is the leading European river cruise company, owner and operator of its fleet of 51 unique and modern ships, which navigate on the most romantic canals, rivers and seas of the world. Pioneers of small ship cruising, leading innovators in tourism, CroisiEurope offers the largest choice of destinations on the market: including some of the most unique cruises in the world: on France’s Loire, Spain’s Guadalquivir, or the Elbe between Berlin and Prague - just to name a few. With 170 itineraries in 37 countries, CroisiEurope's map is constantly being enriched with new destinations.

Rigorously maintained, CroisiEurope's ships offered modern design, relaxing interiors, and impeccable comfort. The cabins are spacious, elegant and above all comfortable and functional. Our entire fleet benefits from the latest cutting-edge technologies and environmentally friendly equipment, offering cruise ships that respect and protect the waterways we navigate.

The themes and itineraries of the cruises, interspersed with rich stopovers and exciting excursions, are carefully planned. Our programs on rivers, seas and canals aim to introduce our passengers to the most beautiful historical, artistic and architectural treasures, including those listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Sightseeing is not the only criterion for preparing a new itinerary. We also take into account the particular tastes of our clients, their desire to combine relaxation with other passions, gastronomy and culture, by visiting big cities and discovering little corners of paradise.  

The culinary arts are also a focus, appreciated by our passengers. The refined menus imagined by our chefs pay homage to French gastronomy and are apt to satisfy the palates of an international clientele. The surprise is always there with local touches and flavors sampled from the surrounding region on each itinerary. 

On board, incomparable know-how and a refined service are offered by experienced and attentive crews.

Developed alongside some of the great starred chefs, the company also offers gastronomic and oenological cruises, rich in tastes and flavors. Other themes range across tastes and interests, (music, hiking, cycling...) offering cruise passengers the possibility to combine their passion with the pleasure of travel on the water.

Welcome aboard and bon voyage!