Published on :   06/01/2015

5 Reasons Why You Must Visit Bordeaux

The relationship between me and Bordeaux is best described as love at first sight. 

Truly, throughout my past week cruising on the MS Cyrano de Bergerac, I have gotten a chance to fall hopelessly in love with this magical city. Though I knew nothing about Bordeaux before last week, through a healthy mix of guided tours and independent wandering, I am officially head over heels. Needless to say, I am now convinced that this city is a destination that everyone must see at least once in their lives! Here are a few reasons why.

1.There are gorgeous sights everywhere.

Since 2007, Bordeaux has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One stroll through the city, and you’ll easily see why. With hundreds of historical monuments to explore, Bordeaux boasts a fascinating blend of architectural styles – truly a metropolitan city with an unmatched classic charm. Don’t miss the spectacular Miroir d’Eau, which at night offers a perfect reflection of the Place de la Bourse and a postcard-perfect view of the city.

2.You’ll always find something to do.

After visiting so many small towns, I was amazed by the vibrant energy and busy pace of Bordeaux! My time aboard the MS Cyrano de Bergerac luckily coincided with the annual River Festival, which meant that the riverside was buzzing with merchants, concerts and various other displays. On Saturday night, I even witnessed a fireworks show from the cruise’s sun deck!

No doubt, this picturesque city offers countless opportunities for sightseeing and shopping. The Sunday market (just steps from our cruise) boasted an impressive and attractive display of fresh produce, seafood and regional specialties… Elsewhere in the city, there are streets upon streets of shops large and small, and quaint cafes and restaurants for those hoping to just grab a drink, relax, and watch the world go by.

3. Endless food options await.

For eager foodies, Bordeaux presents a vast array of possibilities to suit every palette. There are over 1500 restaurant options available, ranging from Michelin star powerhouses to smaller, budget-friendly bistros. There’s no shortage of variety when it comes to International cuisine either. Within minutes of Place de la Bourse, you’ll find countless multicultural options, from classic French eateries to Indian and Chinese buffets. Don’t forget to treat yourself to fresh baked goodies from a local bakery. In particular, you must indulge in some canelés de Bordeaux, heavenly vanilla and rum cakes that are beloved among locals and visitors alike.

4. It is incredibly easy to get around.

Bordeaux is a remarkably easy city to navigate. The flatness of its terrain allows for visitors to wander effortlessly through the city by foot while discovering its hundreds of historical monuments. Want something a little quicker? Try renting a bicycle, and zip through the streets as locals do, or hop on the city’s cheap and efficient tram system, which links Bordeaux together through 90+ stops across three lines.

5. It’s an ideal base to explore other nearby destinations.

Last but not least, Bordeaux is a must-see destination due to its proximity to other great sights. I had the pleasure of visiting many fascinating places during my CroisiEurope excursions, from ornate castles and quaint villages, all the way to sprawling vineyards where tours and tastings await. There’s a reason why Bordeaux is recognized as the wine capital of the world. This entire region boasts over 7,000 wineries and chateaux, just waiting to be discovered.

So, are you ready to book your ticket? Adventure awaits you in Bordeaux!

- Christina