Published on :   12/09/2016

The Balkans - Danube river: off the beaten track cruises (Part 1/3)

Vast wilderness and authenticity

You’ve already taken part in several cruises?

You think the Rhine and the Danube rivers do no longer hold any secrets for you?

Well, CroisiEurope offers you to [re]discover these amazing itineraries from a different perspective.

They take place aboard our smallest – therefore most intimate – ships, only a few dates are being programmed during the year allowing you to experience the best possible journey at the best possible times. Discover the immense plains of Hungary, the sparkling region of Tokaj, the magnetic Puszta steppe grasslands, historical cities such as Berlin and Copenhagen… and so much more!


Where the Danube leads to the Sava river and the Balaton Lake

There are places in Central Europe which remain relatively preserved from mass tourism.

It is along the Sava, tributary of the right bank of the Danube river that we would like to invite you on a cruise where you will discover high-contrast capitals Zagreb and Belgrade and also less known cities but gifted with equally captivating charm.

You will cross no less than 4 countries: you will start in Budapest in Hungary to continue through Croatia and the beautiful region of Slavonia where we’ll give you the chance to visit Kopacki Rit national park, rightly nicknamed the European Amazon – it is indeed one of the largest protected marshlands in Europe and houses more than 260 bird species.

In Serbia you will halt in Belgrade, noticeably the biggest city of the country whose history stretches over 7000 years!

After the tour of astonishing Bosnia through its beautiful province of Vojvodina, you will embark on a one-day tour of Zagreb, where you will marvel at its main buildings and numerous green spaces. Here, in Croatia, you will also undoubtedly appreciate the medieval town of Ilok with its impressive and remarkable vestiges of the Roman Era.

This exclusive trip includes a 2 days / 1 night extension to the Balaton Lake, largest lake in the Balkans. Its warm waters in summer truly make it the home of balneology.

This "inland sea" located just 1 hour away from Budapest is the favorite vacation spot for the local population.

…A great occasion to mingle and share traditions!

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