Published on : 12/23/2016

The Balkans - Danube river: off the beaten track cruises (Parts 2-3/3)

⛵ From the Danube to the Tisza river in the heart of authentic Hungary

What better discovery than that of the Hungarian art of living?

Our cruise from Budapest to the Tokaj region along the Danube explores the whole dimension of this Central European country which seduces as much by the historical, architectural and cultural aspect of its big cities as by the impressive serenity that reigns in the Great Southern Plain.

We propose you to start in Budapest by visiting the royal castle of Gödöllö which was the favorite residence of the Empress Sissi! Next stop-off: Novi Sad, a true showcase of Serbian culture.

After that, ensues the cruise on the Tisza river tributary - also penned the "biggest Hungarian river" - in the direction of Tokaj. You will admire wild and beautiful landscapes whose nature has remained unspoiled and whose authentic traditions echo at each halt.    

⛵ From Berlin to Copenhagen, via the beaches of the Baltic Sea

Germany, Poland, Denmark.

From big cities to small islands whose unique splendor will undoubtedly captivate you, this cruise along the Havel, the Oder and the Baltic Sea is a pretty exhaustive overview of Northern Europe.

After Berlin, the German capital, you will head for Poland, to visit the Cistercian monastery of Chorin - which is one of the most iconic Gothic buildings of Brandenburg - and Szczecin, a large port town located on both banks of the Oder: resolutely modern - culture holds there a singular place - it can be characterized by its Art Nouveau architectural style typical of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

The journey continues on the shores of the Baltic Sea where two islands of breathtaking beauty enchant visitors with their peaceful landscapes: • Usedom island, among the favorite holiday resorts of Emperor William II thanks to its fine sandy beaches, lakes, peat bogs, dunes, pine or beech forests ... • Rügen island, whose pristine chalk cliffs and abundant incredibly green flora tower over the blue sea. It is the largest known German island.

After a stroll across Stralsund, a popular city with a lovely typical architecture, the passengers leave the boat and reach, by ferry, Trelleborg in Sweden, last stop-off unti Copenhagen, the capital of the Kingdom of Denmark, where they will spend the night in a pleasant hotel.

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