Published on : 03/12/2015

Beauty at its Finest - 8 of Europe’s Most Beautiful Cities

Many travelers are drawn to Europe for its extraordinary and breathtaking beauty. While every city in Europe has a unique beauty of its own, certain destinations boast more apparent beauty than others. If you want to discover true beauty that surrounds you at every corner, step into these gorgeous European cities:

Bruges, Belgium

In this fairytale-like city, towers soar high into the skies above and surround the picturesque market squares that welcome visitors with open arms. Most visitors find themselves exploring and adoring the extravagant medieval architecture and the numerous canals that the city is best known for. Bruges also possesses narrow streets, thriving gardens, and impressive castles and churches.

Budapest, Hungary

Not only is Budapest beautiful on its own, but it’s also located near the stunning and shimmering waters of the historic River Danube. At nighttime, you can stroll down the banks of the river and see the sparkling lights of both Buda and Pest as they glow in harmony with one another. The neo-Gothic Parliament building is a must-see, as are Castle Hill, Castle District, and of course, St. Stephen’s Basilica, the beautiful chain bridge.

Porto, Portugal

Apart from being home to numerous exciting festivals throughout the year, Porto also has a long tradition in music, athletics, and more importantly--art. In fact, Porto offers a lovely juxtaposition of old-world landmarks and modern street art. Porto is also known for its wine scene, meaning that the city is filled with beautiful vineyards and extravagant wine cellars.

Paris, France

There is a reason why Paris is such a popular destination in Europe--no matter what other cities you visit, the City of Lights will always fill you with wonder and awe. The expressive gargoyles, stained-glass windows, and the illuminated city at night make Paris feel truly magical. If you want to get away from the popular tourist spots--such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame, and Louvre--you can relax by the peaceful Seine river with a baguette and some brie.

Venice, Italy

As you wind down the narrow roads of Venice’s mystifying back alleys, the Venetian architecture and priceless marbles will fascinate you. On boat trips, you can float down Venice's famous waterways and pass underneath its characteristic canals. As a bonus, the intriguing museums, inviting squares, and intricate bridges that comprise the city will leave you in a state of constant admiration.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is known as Europe's "Golden City," and with its alluring beauty and natural romantic feel, it gives Paris a run for its money. Centuries-old stone bridges stretch across the serene Vltava River and live jazz music will grace your ears as you wander down the cobbled streets. The Charles Bridge, St. Vitus Cathedral, and Old Town each possess unique beauty of their own, and the Romanesque, Gothic and Art Nouveau give Prague a distinct bewitching charm.

Split, Croatia

Split is situated near the turquoise waters of the Adriatic, allowing it to feature beautiful beaches and dramatic coastal mountains. One of Split’s most popular attractions, Diocletian’s Palace, is home to some of the most impressive Roman ruins, as well as dozens of bars and shops that create a lively atmosphere. Split also recently renovated its ancient seafront, Riva, so that it now possesses a walking ground made of luxurious marble, giving the area an enhanced look of modernity.

Copenhagen, Denmark

This prosperous city is well known for its proficiency in design, fashion, and architecture--with brave new architecture constantly being introduced and praised. Anyone who visits the refreshing Tivoli Gardens, The Little Mermaid statue and the fascinating castle of Christiansborg will surely find themselves in true appreciation of what Copenhagen withholds. Pleasant beaches also surround the city, offering visitors a transition from the man made artistry to pure natural beauty.

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