Published on :   02/26/2016

Cruise the Danube through the heart of Europe

The Danube is one of the major European rivers: from Linz in Austria to the Danube Delta, it is about 2,000km long. The Danube flows through several Central European Countries including Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania. In 2006, CroisiEurope became the first river cruise company to navigate the Danube from one end to the other, which was made possible by the end of the Balkan conflict. At the time, not all of the bridges had been rebuilt, so ships could only sail through when the temporary bridges were open on certain days of the week.

The European capitals on Danube

In addition to the 6 day Budapest to Passau river cruise and the 13 day Strasbourg to Budapest cruise, CroisiEurope has come up with a itinerary to visit Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava in 5 days. This city trip is both affordable and an ideal way to discover the unmissable, easily accessible locations on the Danube. Vienna is a major stop when travelling in Eastern Europe. It has fascinating architecture and is very impressive. The night lights are reminiscent of a fairytale. Budapest is also known as the Queen of the Danube, a city of natural beauty, culture and history. Bratislava is a mix of Austrian, Hungarian and Czek influences.

The Picturesque Danube 

The Wachau, located between Melk and Krems. This region is classed as a UNESCO site, because of its wonderfully preserved landscape bearing its geological traces since the prehistoric age.

The nibelungengau and the strudengau are also wonderful regions in the Wachau. The Nibelungengau's foggy landscape is thought to have insprired many classical musicians and lies at the root of many legendary stories.

The Romanian capital Bucharest is less famous than the capitals of the neighbouring states, such as Vienna and Budapest, but is the home of many treasures. Its parliament is particularly eye catching: it is the second biggest government building after the Pentagon in the USA and has a spectacular heating and ventilation system in its ceiling. The Museum offers a great insight into what life used to be like in Romania. Churches carved out of stone show the life monks used to live until the 19th century. The Delta region is a veritable than a haven for wild life.

Why cruise the Danube in 3 words

History: whichever itinerary you decide to go for, the Danube tells a different story. Each shore excursion has something to teach you and tells an emotional story, whilst showing various aspects of European history.

People: the cruises on the Danube highlight Europe's cultural diversity and place people on center stage. Passengers discover local life, offering a new perspective on old Europe. In Romania, it is humbling to meet young people who are curious to learn and fight for a different future, showing an admirable sense of positivity and openess.

Beauty: every moment on a Danube cruise is a unique opportunity to admire stunning landscapes and imposing, majestic monuments.

CroisiEurope river cruises are for people who are eager to learn about historical locations and culture, and gain a real taste of the local flavour at the places they visit. We strive to do our very best for passengers to relax and enjoy their holidays, without any effort. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the view!

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