Published on :   04/22/2016

Cruise the Elbe: between Berlin and Prague on paddle riverboat

Sail the River Elbe on board a brand new ship inaugurated on 14th April 2016: the MS Elbe Princesse. The new paddle riverboat cruises between Berlin and Prague on the Elbe and Vltava Rivers. Its adapted size lets it enter and moor in the heart of city centers, allowing easy access to all the most important sites in Berlin, the emblematic capital; Potsdam and the gardens at the Sanssouci Palace; Lutherstadt Wittenberg, birthplace of the Reformation; Meissen and its porcelain factories; Dresden, the Florence of the Elbe; the natural and architectural wonders of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains; historical Litomerice; and “Golden” Prague.

With this new cruising concept inspired by the machinery of yesteryear and enhanced with ultra-modern technology, CroisiEurope has outdared navigational constraints. Unlike classic propulsion vessels, this prestigious ship can cruise the shallow waters of the Elbe all year round. To top it off, it can travel right into the center of Prague.

A 9-day cruise between Berlin and Prague will take you to the most amazing corners of Europe, as you unpack your luggage just once! You will explore Berlin, Magdeburg, Potsdam and Wittenberg, also known as the city of Luther due to its ties with Martin Luther and the origins of the Protestant reform. You will also discover the town of Meissen for its porcelain. Dresden, the Florence of the Elbe, is renowned for its exceptional architectural and artistic heritage. Litoměřice is one the most beautiful cities in the Czech Republic, known for its colourful houses, in gothic, baroque and renaissance styles. Last but not least, Prague, the capital and biggest city in the Czech Republic, is a major destination to visit at least once in your lifetime. The Elbe Princesse takes you to the heart of Prague, a technological masterpiece that makes for a unique experience.

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