Published on :   03/05/2015

Cruise Past the Costs: How to Save Money when Booking your Cruise

If you have always wanted to cruise to astonishing places, such as the valley of the Seine or the wine region of Bordeaux, don’t let a lack of funds stop you! As long as you book your cruise carefully and look for deals, you can save hundreds of dollars on a trip of a lifetime. To save money when booking your cruise, consider these tips:

Book Early

Nowadays, cruise lines are rewarding those who plan in advance. If you book a cruise and pay a deposit 6 to 18 months in advance, many cruise lines will give you attractive fares, cheap upgrades, and value adds. These additions could include reduced airfare, free specialty dining, additional shore excursions, and cabin upgrades. 


Book Late


If you’re not an early planner, waiting for the last minute can also pay off. Many cruise lines drop the prices of their cruises last minute because they want to fill the rooms that are left over. This typically happens three to six weeks before departure. However, be aware that being last in line means your accommodations may not be as appealing (i.e. cabins without balconies or in undesirable locations).


Invite Everyone You Know

The more, the merrier--and the cheaper your cruise will be! Many cruise lines reward large parties, typically 16 or more, with group discounts and occasionally even free rooms. You can also look for family packages, which usually provide excellent deals and discounts. Some cruise lines also offer discounts for children, so you don’t need to leave the kids at home. 

Sail During Shoulder Season

As the seasons change, cruising habits change. Cruising is extremely popular during the warm and sunny summer months, but interest dies down as the weather gets colder. However, during this low season, cruises are cheaper and less crowded. Also, cruise lines will usually only offer the most worthwhile and “sun seeking” cruises during this season, so you won’t be disappointed.


Avoid the Giants


Large corporate cruise lines like Carnival may be popular, but they often include hidden fees and unnecessary extras that smaller, family-owned cruise lines do not. Family-owned cruise lines can also offer better deals because they have less expenses and manage their costs carefully. Plus, smaller cruise lines typically focus on quality rather than quantity, meaning your cruise will be less crowded and more enjoyable.

Follow the Promos


Cruise lines typically have promotions and special offers to appease travelers looking for good deals. These offers are especially popular during the wave season, which is January through March. If you sign up for email newsletters and cruise line alerts, you will find these deals much easier and be one of the first to know about them. 


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